When I Grow Up – I Want To Be Just Like Buster Martin

Not familiar with the man, the myth, the legend?

Please let me introduce to you Mr. Buster Martin…


So Who is Buster Martin?

Some of you may be asking yourself, Why this guy?

Why not Dan Bilzerian, Sam CalagioneAaron rodgers or [insert famous person here] ?

This is why…


Buster Martin, to me – exemplifies the type of person we all which we could be deep down. He simply knew what he wanted to go after in life and what was important to him and he went after it. In his last several years of life, he had become a bit of a celebrity when he was featured in the documentary “How To Live Forever” and at the age of 101 years old Buster was the oldest man to ever complete the 26 mile London Marathon in 10 hours. Not only that but he stopped 5 times along the way to have a pint and smoke, probably becoming not only the oldest person to complete the London Marathon, but the first person to ever complete it while having 5 beers and 5 cigarettes along the way as well. I think the reason that people gravitated towards him is because he was always un-apologetically Buster.

Buster Martin lived to be 104 years old, drinking everyday and smoking a pack of ‘fags’ everyday since he was 7 frickin’ years old. Oh and water? Psh…Who needs water when you have beer? Buster claims that he never drank much water as long as their was a pint around. One night in 2007, while Buster was heading towards the bust stop he was attacked from behind and knocked to the floor by three youths. I can imagine they figured this old man was an easy target, but surprisingly Buster was able to get back up to hit one in the groin, kick the other and scare off the last. After stumbling to the nearest hospital to be treated for his injuries during the scuffle – he..of course reported to work the very next day.

There wasn’t much that could stop this guy from doing what he wanted…. Even Father time it seemed.

If you check out Buster Martins Wikipedia page, you’ll find a fair deal of the claims made by Buster Martin were unable to be verified. Most note worthy of which is that he would be the oldest person to ever complete the London Marathon at 101 years of age! Unfortunately the Guinness Book of World Records was unable to verify his age due to the lack of a birth certificate, which I suppose is to be expected if your mother was trying to keep your birth a secret and you were then placed in an orphanage.

Despite all of the controversy that surrounds Busters Life, Buster Martin never seemed to pay all of the doubters too much attention. Here was a man who truly lived his life the way that he wished to live it. A proud father, an accomplished athlete, service man and committed employee – Buster Martin may well have been the very few among us who can claim they have lived a life without any regrets.

So here’s to you Buster…

~Cheers buddy


A Brief Biography...

Pierre Jean “Buster” Martin was born in France in September, 1906. Shortly after he was born his mother had fled the country and placed buster in an orphanage in Bodmin Cornwall. It is said that Pierre earned his nickname “Buster” after reportedly bopping one of the priests on the nose.  As soon as Buster was old enough to find work, he traveled to the brixton market to run errands for the markets many stallholders.

It is here that Buster claims to have met his future wife, Irania at the age of 13! As a man who has always seemed to know exactly what he wanted out of life – Buster and Irania left for France just a year later to get married. Between 1921 – 1934 Buster and Irania had 17 children! When confronted about how it was possible to have so many children in such a short period of time, Buster simply remarked -“twins, triplets, singletons – we had all sorts”. As soon as he was able, he joined the British Army where he worked as a physical training instructor until finally retiring at the age of 55 as a regimental sergeant major. He and his wife were married for 35 years, until Irania passed away in 1955.

Since then Buster worked a number of jobs before finally returning to work in the market place until he was 97, returning to work as a van cleaner working at Pimlico Plumbers at age 100 after complaining of “boredom”. Sadly, In April of 2011 Buster Martin passed away in his sleep at 104 years old.

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