Visualizing Alcohol Use Infographic

By the time your 25th birthday comes along – I believe most of us have a fairly firm understanding of how alcohol effects our bodies.

Even with the knowledge that inevitably follows after you have a few years of drinking under your belt, I wonder how many of us have really taken the time to put that information into perspective. What I love about truly great info-graphics like the one featured below, is that they are able to pull together the statistics of a shared experience (like drinking) and place them in a context that is immediately understandable and impactful.

In any event, The infographic featured in todays post does a great job of displaying some of the most interesting statistics related to blood alcohol content and drinking stats into an elegant and easy to digest format.




Sadly the site that brought us this awesome infographic is no longer with us. was a website all about blood, and while they are no longer with us here in the web-o-sphere, If  any one of their former admins or the infographics designer happen to stumble across this page one day – I’d like to thank them for sharing this great infographic.



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