Home Brewing Supplies and Equipment Guide for Beginners

HomeBrewing Supplies Review

It’s final, you made the decision to move head on into the world of craft brewing, and you’re not alone. Homebrewing is currently experiencing a well-deserved renaissance, with the Brewers Association reporting over 1.2 million homebrewers are in operation today, in America alone. So, it not only looks like you’re in good company, but you’ll have your choice of affordable, high quality brewing equipment at your disposal.

Sound good? Well, that’s just the beginning. In order to create your very own microbrewery at home, you’ll have to become a bit familiar with some of the basic necessities of the craft, and that’s just where we come in. We’re here to tell you just what you’ll need to create perfect batches of brew, consistently and with as little out of pocket expense as possible. But first, before you get started scanning the internet for equipment, it’s a good idea to consider a few things. For instance, when planning your microbrewery consider your experience level, the space you have available for your set up, budget and the batch sizes you’re thinking of making. Start by taking a look around your home and selecting a spot away from direct sunlight, where you’ll have plenty of space to move around and store your ingredients and supplies.


HomeBrewing Kit Core Equipment

When you embark on your journey to craft your own beer at home you’ll need to invest in some good quality home brewing equipment. To help get you off on the right foot, we’re going to go over the basic, absolute necessary equipment. When beginning to select the best homebrewing equipment for your needs, think quality. Though you can start out with purchasing inexpensive equipment, know that cheap parts often break down more quickly and need to be replaced more often.


Brew Kettle

Megapot BrewKettleBoiling is a big part of the home brewing process, and is necessary in order to make the best batch of beer. Those new to home brewing often consider the boiling process as nothing more than a time where you add the hops, but it’s much more than that. Boiling sterilizes the wort or unfermented beer, vaporizes the unpleasant aromas such as dimethyl sulfides (DMS)aromas, halts enzymatic activity,ensuring your hops attain their best bitterness, evaporating the water which results in a more concentrated beer, coagulate proteins, lowers the pH. In fact, it’s the boil where the beer attains it’s quality, color, and flavor. After realizing the great importance of the boil it’s quite easy to see why purchasing the best brewing kettle you can afford, is essential to brewing the best brew possible, so adjust your homebrew equipment budget around the cost of your brewing kettle.

Aluminum or Stainless Steel?
Stainless steel needs no introduction, as it’s been used extensively within the medical as well as food and beverage industry for decades. This easy to clean and maintain material should be food-grade 304 stainless steel. The best stainless steel brewing kettle will have a triclad layer at the bottom of the kettle. Here, the manufacturer has used three layers, where a layer of aluminum is placed between a top and bottom layer of steel. The result is a brewing kettle that conducts heat better, is more durable and non-reactive. Aluminum is not as tough as stainless steel but it’s lightweight and is a good conductor of heat. Aluminum brewing kettles are less expensive, however, remember that you’ll also have to purchase special cleaners to protect the oxide layer, or alumina, so add that into your long term budget. Alumiina is necessary as it prevents unpleasant flavors from leaching into your brew, which occurs when the aluminum reacts to the air. to add alumina to your brew kettle, just boil some water before you use it, called a pre-boil.

If you’re serious on creating the best brew on a long term basis, then consider the size you’ll need. The brew kettle has to be large enough to accommodate your brew, while allowing enough head space. Head space is the ‘give’ you allot to your brew kettle to prevent accidental overflows from occurring during the boil.

Overall Design and Features
It goes without saying, that you’ll need a brew kettle that can be frequently handled without the worry of handles cracking off. Examine the construction and go for brew kettles that have rivets as opposed to simple welding. As previously mentioned, triclad bottoms are a much better choice in stainless steel brew kettles.

As for features, look for a pot that comes with etched volume markings and an integrated ball valve spigot, which you’ll need to drain, as well as a built in thermometer. While it’s tempting to purchase a brew kettle without features, it may cost you more in the long run. For instance, perhaps in another year, you’ll be so advanced in brewing that you’ll have to purchase these accessories separately, so consider how much you love beer and how far you see yourself going in the future.


Carboy / Fermenting Vessels

FastFerment Conical FermenterWhen it’s time to convert your wort to beer, you’ll need a good quality fermentation vessel. In the ancient world of 4000 BC Sumeria and Egypt, beer was fermented in ceramic jars, and in the 1800’s it was most often fermented in large oak vessels. Today, there are a few basic types of fermentation vessels available to you. These range from the basic plastic fermentation buckets that beginners usually start with, carboys, conical fermenters and even kegs. If you’re new to homebrewing, read on, and we’ll give you a brief introduction to some of the more commonly used fermenters available.

Plastic Fermentation Buckets
Raw beginners often start simple, with the cost effective, food-grade fermentation bucket or ‘Ale Pails’. These are not the typical white utility buckets you see in your home supply store. There are built specifically for fermentation. Their lids are resealable, and come with a hold for a blow-off tube, air lock or spigot, and can be anywhere from 2 to 32 gallons in size. While they offer a cheap, lightweight solution for the home brewer, they can scratch. When a plastic fermentation bucket is scratched, you risk the harboring of microbes and minuscule pieces of debris which can adversely affect the flavor and quality of your batch. As such, it’s recommended you switch your plastic brew buckets out after every 7 to 10 batches.

Glass Carboys
Those who select glass carboys do so for many reasons. Glass carboys are scratch resistant, long lasting and keeps oxygen from reaching your beer. Unlike plastic, flavors will not adhere to the glass, so you’ll get the taste of the beer you are brewing. On the other hand, they can be quite heavy to lift and transport when filled with beer. In fact, one glass carboy can weight as much as 13 pounds on its own. When you add 5, 6, or 6.5 gallons of fluid it can get much heavier than 55 pounds. They are also subject to shattering, and difficult to store.

Plastic Carboys
Plastic carboys are often chosen by those new to the art of brewing. They are lightweight, easy to move around and much less expensive than glass carboys. Their downside, is that they can scratch, which can sometimes affect the flavor of the beer.

Conical Fermenters
Conical fermenters are a favorite among home brewers and can be made from plastic or stainless steel. Those made from stainless steel are highly prized by many homebrewers who believe that they make the best tasting beer. These fermenters are designed with a bottom in the shape of a cone with a valve at the point. And it’s this which makes the conical fermenter so appealing to home brewers. For you see, this design makes management of the trub simple and hassle free. The solids which result from the fermentation nicely settle into the cone, where they can be easily removed by the brewer, so secondary fermentation can now take place and trub and yeast can be washed and used again. The end result is a simplified process, great tasting, clear sediment free beer. Once you purchase a stainless steel conical fermenter, you have it for life, unlike using a basic plastic fermentation bucket which will have to be routinely replaced.


Bottle Filler and Empty Bottles

Bottle Filler / Bottle WandBottle fillers, or bottling wands, transfer your beer from bucket to bottle, it’s that simple. However, if you are bottling from a keg, you’ll need to purchase a counter pressure bottle filler. First, take your food-grade vinyl tubing and connect it to an auto siphon on one end, and your bottle filler on the other. Insert the auto siphon into your beer, and PUMP your bottle filler, or wand, which gets the transfer started. Place the bottling wand in each bottle, filling it up leaving about 1 inch of headspace. Finally, cap your bottles and store them in a dark place.


Cleaners and Sanitizers

Star San Brewing SanitizerThis is the part of homebrewing that you’ll probably not enjoy very much: Cleaning and sanitization. Though they might not be visible, microorganisms on your equipment will make your beer unpalatable, making it sour to taste. However, if not done properly you’ll be introducing microorganisms into your beer and your batches will begin to suffer in quality. When you clean your equipment, you’re removing all of the visible dirt and debris.

When you sanitize your equipment you are removing all of the microorganisms such as bacteria. Before you can sanitize your equipment, you must clean your tanks, airlock, tubing and whatever other accessories that you use in making your beer. In order to clean and sanitize properly using products specifically made for homebrewing equipment is essential. These cleaners are ‘no rinse’, which means you can clean your supplies, and immediately start brewing another batch.


Bottle Capper

Bottle CapperWelcome to the last step of the homebrewing process: Bottling. Here, you’ll transfer your beer in to bottles and cap them. Bottle cappers are essential, as screw-top bottles just can’t provide you with the best seal. Your bottles should be dark, glass, and not plastic and either 12 or 16 ounces. While bottles can be reused, caps cannot. It’s a good idea to purchase bottle caps in different colors. These colors can be used to identify batches, or different varieties of beer, which is especially useful if these are onlyl for personal use, and can take the place of labels.

Bottle cappers are used to secure the cap to the bottle. First, you place the cap on the bottle, position your bottle capper and pull the handles down. That’s all there is to it, and you’ve created a sealed. There are different styles of bottle cappers, depending on the manufacturer’s design, but in general they’re classified as hand operated bottle cappers and bench bottle cappers.


Auto Siphon

Auto Siphone for Home BrewingThermometers are an indispensable and inexpensive way to ensure you get consistently superb batches each and every time. Thermometers can be mountable, digital or the basic dial model. Stirring spoons are a must when it comes to blending your ingredients during the mash and boil phases, and an auto-siphon and tubing is just what you need to get your liquids transferred with as little mess and bother as possible.


Brew Burner

Gas BurnerWe’ve already gone over the importance of your boil, and part of that is how quickly you can bring it to a boil. In other words, there’s no slow boil here, you want a fast, vigorous boil. A well-made brew burner can make all the difference in recirculating the mash and controlling the temperature. Most homebrewers elect to purchase a ready made brew burner, but if you’re good with your hands, you can also create your own by purchasing the parts from reputable vendors.


Recommended Upgrades 4 Your Kit

Wort Chiller

Silver Serpent Wort ChillerAs a homebrewer, a wort chiller lowers the temperature to a yeast pitching temperature, and does it much faster than just letting it sit or using an ice bath. After your boil, you need to lower the temperature so it hits below 80 degrees as quickly as possible. By accelerating the cooling time, you prevent bacteria from growing, avoids any bad taste due to DMS, and keeps your beer clear. There are three types of wort chillers.

Immersion wort chillers: Here, you take the wort chiller and immerse it into the wort. These chillers use cold water to chill your wort via a hose connected to your faucet and can reduce the temperature as fast as 15 minutes.

Counterflow Chiller: Counterflow chillers work fast, chilling your wort almost twice as quickly as immersion chillders. This gives you an excellent cold break, the removal of proteins and tannins, however it can only be used on brew kettles with a ball valve. To accomplish this, they are designed where one tube is inside another. The inner tube vacuums the hot wort out, while the outer tube chills via cold water.

Plate Chiller: The quickest method of chilling belongs to plate chillers. You’ll also get the best cold break of the three. The plate chiller is a series of stacked metal plates handles the heat exchange. Though efficient, they can be harder to clean and are usually more expensive than immersion or counterflow chillers.


Hydrometer and Refractometer

RefractometerHydrometers are necessary when it comes to keeping an eye on your fermentation progress and also to help predict your brews alcohol content. Hydrometers give you the sugar level feedback you need to calculate your alcohol/volume percentage. A Triple Scale Hydrometer can help the homebrewer test the beer’s specific gravity (sugar content). It has a specific gravity scale, potential alcohol scale and brix scale. The Proof and Tralle hydrometers measure alcohol content. The Hydrometer Jar is helpful when collecting and testing samples.


Mash Tun

Mashing refers to the process where your barley becomes hydrated by hot water, and the malt enzymes become activated. Once this occurs, the starches from your grains have been converted into fermentable sugars. All of this takes place inside a mash tun. These insulated vessels are designed with a false bottom and spigot to facilitate sparging.



Kegs 4 HomebrewA keg is a container which stores your beer. There are several different types and sizes of kegs, each manufactured to meet a specific purpose. By becoming familiar with the different varieties you’ll become an educated consumer and be able to know what you want, buy once and use immediately, instead of fumbling, making guesses and returning kegs. If you’re good with your hands and understand the homebrewing process, you can actually modify kegs to be used as fermentation vessels.. Some brewers choose a durable, stainless steel Cornelius keg to modify, while others elect to purchase an American Sanke Keg Fermentation kit. The main benefit of these kegs is that homebrewers find them a cost effective way to get excellent results.

Cornelius Keg

The Cornelius Keg is also called the Corny Keg or Soda Keg. These kegs can be easily identified by their tall appearance and 5 gallon capacity make them perfect for the homebrewer. They are easy to clean, fill, and can be used as a fermenting vessel if desired. Each Corny Keg supplies you with:

  • 40 pints of beer
  • Approximately 53 12-ounce bottles
  • Holds 5 gallons
  • Measures 23 x 9 inches

Sixth Barrel Keg

The Sixth Barrel Keg is also called the Sixtel, 1/6 BBL or 1/6 Barrel Keg. This are close to the Cornelius Keg, but are slightly larger with a 5.16 gallon capacity. These kegs are popular in the food and beverage industry as they take up less space. Homebrewers like them because they can squeeze two of these Sixtel’s into a standard sized kegerator.

  • 41 pints of beer per keg
  • Around 55 12-ounce bottles
  • 5.16 gallon capacity
  • 23-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

Quarter Barrel Keg

The Quarter Barrel Keg, or Pony, Stubby for short, is probably the one you are most familiar with. These are the ones most often seen at celebrations. They hold 7.75 gallons and are most often used for parties.

  • 62 pints of beer per keg
  • 82 12-ounce bottles
  • 7.75 gallon capacity
  • Measures 13-7/8 x 16-1/8 inches

Slim Quarter Keg

The Slim Quarter Keg, or Tall Quarter, is a tall, narrow keg that has the same capacity as the Quarter Barrel Keg. This design is favored among homebrewers who own dual tap kegerators, so place a different beer style in each keg and place them in their kegerator, for added variety.

  • 62 pints of beer per keg
  • 82 12-ounce bottles
  • 7.75 gallon capacity
  • 23-3/8 x 11-1/8 inches

Half Barrel Keg

The Half Barrel Keg is a big one with a 15.5 gallon capacity. Also known as the Full Size Keg, Full Keg or 1/2 BBL, this is the keg is your ‘stereotypical’ keg, often seen in movies and large festivals and parties. These Half Barrel Kegs will fit into a standard kegerator as well. Perfect if you have a taste for one particular beer style. However, as it’s 15.5 gallons, it’s probably more prudent to use smaller kegs, especially if you’re new and prone to experiment.

  • 124 pints of beer per keg
  • 165 12-ounce bottles
  • 15.5 gallon capacity
  • 23-3/8 x 16-1/8 inches



Kegerators offer the beer lover a way to get that fresh, chilled, thirst quenching taste they crave. A cross between a keg and refrigerator, the kegerator is used to dispense your brew from a tap, just like you get it from your favorite bar, tavern or restaurant. These kegerators are temperature controlled by you, so you can ensure long-lasting freshness for months. Kegerators come in a variety of sizes, from compact counter top units, outdoor models, commercial units, to those large enough to hold a full sized keg. There are also dual tap kegerators, which are designed with two taps which give you the option of drinking 2 different styles of beer, on demand. If you’re good with your hands, then it’s possible to create your own kegerator from an old refrigerator as well.


Automated Brewing Systems

Brewie+ Advanced Home Beer Brewing MachineHomebrewing is not an affordable option for most beer lovers. This means that those who cherish the crafting of their own brew will have many options open to them, and one of those is the automated brewing system. These systems do just what they say they do: Brew a good batch of beer, and do it quickly with little effort from you. For instance, for around $900 or so, you can purchase the PicoBrew, which can give you 5 liters of beer in around 2 hours. To give you an idea of how popular these automated brewing systems are, PicoBrew received lured its investors via crowdfuncing and raised $1.4 million dollars which went toward the development of it’s product [https://homebrewacademy.com/automated-homebrewing-debate/]. While it’s evident these systems have fans, detractors see them as nothing more than elaborate toys, which take the art of of home brewing. No matter our opinion on the matter, one thing is for certain, these automated brewing systems are here to stay.

Top 5 Conical Fermenters of 2019

Review of the 5 best conical style fermentors for homebrewing

You’ve been homebrewing your own beer, wine or kombucha for a while now, using the same old plastic fermentation buckets over and over again. One day you realize that it’s time to transition, and you’d like to upgrade your current brewing equipment in order to streamline the entire process, become more professional, and have consistently perfect batches every time. In such cases, the next logical step is to purchase a conical fermenting unit. Why a conical fermenter? Well, as a home brewer, you know that in order to secure the best beer, one that is not only flavorful, but also has a robust aroma and subtle mouthfeel, each step in the brewing process must be completed in a proper and precise manner. When it comes to the fermentation process, it’s crucial that you have a fermenter which can handle the task.

Conical fermenters are designed to systematize the brewing process, by having the primary and secondary fermentation steps all completed within one vessel. It does this by way of a cone shaped bottom with a valve positioned at the point of the cone. The sediment and yeast then collect in the bottom of the cone, making their removal quick, easy and sanitary. Once you collect trub and yeast, you can toss out the trub, and keep the yeast so it can be re-pitched, which is especially handy if you’ve purchased expensive yeast. So, as you can see, you’ll be conducting both primary and secondary fermentation within the very same vessel, with no transferring. Conical fermenters mean you cut down on mess, waste, and clean up time!


FastFerment Conical Fermenter

FastFerment Conical FermenterLet’s face it, plastic buckets and carboys are messy, and if you’re not careful, can be the cause of producing a bad tasting batch of brew. All of this can be easily remedied with the FastFerment Conical Fermenter. The FastFerment Conical Fermenter, 7.9 Gallon HomeBrew Kit will give you Gold Medal performance at an affordable price. Winner of the Gold Medal during the 2016 HomebrewCon, this conical fermenter takes 80 percent of the cleaning and sanitizing away from you, so you can spend more time concentrating on crafting the perfect brew.

Easy to use, All-in-One Fermenter|
With the FastFerment 7.9 gallon conical fermenter, primary and secondary fermentation all take place right here, separate carboys not required. Features include a nice, wide 6 inch mouth with a screw top lid, which makes adding ingredients a simple task. You also get a bottle filling attachment which lets you fill up those bottles and kegs quickly and easily. The wall mounts are a really nice addition, as you can fix your FastFerment Conical Fermenter to any wall in your home. If this doesn’t thrill you, no worries, as FastFerment also gives you the option to purchase a lightweight, sturdy stand separately.

Yeast Collection Ball and Easy to Upgrade
Other features include a stainless steel thermowell and a flat-bottomed yeast collection ball. You may also be pleased to know that FastFerment has accessories available to purchase separately, just in case you’re interested in upgrading your unit. These accessories include a FastRack bottle drying rack, Fermentation Jacket, and carry-all strap. Easy to use, simply close the valve and remove the collection ball when the primary fermentation is over, then replace the collection ball for secondary fermentation. Once the secondary fermentation is completed, remove the collection ball, and replace it with the collection hose, right into your keg or bottles. It’s just that simple. You don’t have to deal with transferring or racking.

  • Primary and secondary fermentation in one vessel
  • Fixes to walls in any room you choose
  • Wide, 6 inch opening for ingredients
  • Trub settles in the removable collection ball
  • May be subject to leaking for some users
FastFermentor - Beginner Friendly, Award Winning, Gold Medal Performance with Every Batch

The FastFerment Conical Fermenting system is a fantastic choice for the beginning brewer. This unit is designed to be attached to your wall, keeping it off of countertops and away from your feet. The 6 inch wide mouth makes it easy to add your ingredients, and the sediment and yeast fall into the yeast collection ball. We like this model as it’s easy to use, affordable and helps deliver a perfect batch every time.


Ss Brewtech Home Brewing Brew Bucket Fermenter

Ss Brewing Technologies Brew Bucket Stainless Steel FermenterThe makers of the Brew Bucket, JGB Enterprises, decided to create their product as there were no high quality, #304 stainless steel fermenting buckets available for home brewers. This patent-pending, 6.95 gallon capacity brew bucket is manufactured completely from stainless steel. This means that your fermentation process will be sanitary, as stainless steel is easier to clean than plastic and more durable than glass.

Easy to Collect Both Trub and Samples
This brew bucket’s conical shape allows you to stack them if needed as well as reducing the possibility of trub contact during the fermentation process, allowing it to concentrate making transfer easier, and virtually no sediment in the finished product. One of the best parts of this is the integrated racking arm. This feature gives you the ability to easily rotate during racking. Users also found that by using the Brew Bucket, obtaining samples is super easy without risking contamination.

Just the Right Features for Just the Right Batch
This bucket comes with welded handles for reliable transport, a 17mm port tor blow off tubing, wide lid with 4 spring clamps, 3/8 inch mini ball valve, LCD thermometer, gallon/liter marking etched into the steel, and a rotatable racking arm. When it comes time to bottle or keg your beer, simply attach the tubing to the valve and proceed to fill the keg or bottles or bottling bucket.

  • Made from #304 Stainless Steel
  • Durable, easy to clean and maintain
  • Conical shape means little or no sediment in final product
  • Easier to lift and handle than glass carboys
  • May be too expensive for some
  • Not transparent
The Bottom Line - SS BrewTech Dependable, Tough and Reliable

The Ss Brewtech Home Brewing Brew Bucket Fermenter manufactured from #304 stainless steel is one of the finest homebrew fermenters available on the market. Easy to clean and maintain, the conical base is where you’ll find all your trub, so your beer is clear and sparkling. Easy to handle, won’t break or shatter, and the wide top gives you plenty of room to add your hops and other ingredients. Though it’s a bit more pricey than it’s counterparts, the dedication which has gone into creating this fermenter and its #304 stainless steel construction mean you’ll have it for many years to come.


The Catalyst Fermentation System

The Catalyst Fermentation SystemInspired by Fermantation Systems Used by the Professionals
The Catalyst Fermentation system was inspired by the idea of taking the system used by professional brewing companies, and create an affordable fermentation system that everyone could use. The result is a 6.5 gallon fermentation system that makes the entire homebrewing process simple and easy. Whether you’re a seasoned brewer with many years under your belt, or a newbie to the entire process, the Catalyst Fermentation System will ensure you’re ability to create the best brew each and every time, and its contemporary, stylish design makes it look good on any kitchen countertop.

3 inch Butterfly Valve Handles the Largest Mason Jars For Easy Trub Collection
This multi-functional fermentation system allows you to do the entire process using one vessel, instead of using a primary and secondary vessels. This means that you’ll be able to do the primary, secondary process along with harvesting of yeast and bottling, all with the one vessel. Cleaning and maintenance is a snap with this fermenter, as it’s dishwasher safe. When it comes to collecting the trub, the Catalyst Fermentation System has one of the largest butterfly valves among homebrewing fermenters. This super wide opening is designed to handle mason jars the size of 8, 16, 24 and 32 ounce Mason jars, which makes handling sediment and yeast easy and hassle free.

Scratch resistant, Dishwasher Safe Tank Made from Medical-Grade Tritan Plastic
The tank is manufactured from Tritan. Tritan is a medical grade polymer, free from BPA’s , easy to clean and maintain. Tritan gives you the transparency of glass with the durability of plastic. The tank is dishwasher safe, scratch resistant and comes with removable silicone gaskets to facilitate cleaning.

your purchase includes a 6.5 gallon conical tank, durable stand, 3 inch butterfly valve, bottling attachment, transfer tubing, clamp, stopper, 16 ounce, wide mouth Mason jar, and one Allen wrench

  • Manufactured from medical grade, transparent plastic called Tritan
  • Tank is dishwasher safe and scratch resistant
  • Super wide, 3 inch opening which connects to a 8, 16, 24, or 32 ounce Mason jar for trub collection
  • Is supported by a sturdy, durable stand
  • No port for sampling and taking hydrometer readings
The Bottom Line - Streamlined Brewing

The Catalyst Fermentation System is a superb fermenting system for beginners and experienced brewers alike. The tank is made from medical grade, transparent plastic known as Tritan. This tank is easy to clean and maintain as it’s dishwasher safe. The really good part is the wide opening with the 3 inch butterfly valve. Here, you can connect 8, 16, 24 or 32 ounce Mason jars for trub collection. All of this remains stead on a durable stand. We love this unit


Full Throttle Parts FastFerment Complete Conical Fermenting Set Up

Full Throttle Parts Fastferment Complete Conical Fermenting Set UpDurable FastFerment 7.9 Gallon Conical Fermenter
To get your homebrewing lifestyle off on the right foot, it can’t hurt to take a look at the Full Throttle Complete Conical Fermenting Kit from FastFerment. Also known as their Special Edition Package, this bundle contains their famous, FastFerment 7.9 Gallon conical fermenter that we’ve previously covered and adds with it some fun and essential accessories. These accessories include a sturdy, durable stand, carry-all strap, thermometer and stainless steel thermowell.

Carry Straps Mean Ease of Transport
The carry straps mean that you’ll be able to transport your fermenting system with ease, and the stand means you can brew anywhere you choose. Its stainless steel thermometer means you’ll be able to carefully keep track of your brewing fermentation process without getting in the way. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a fantastic all-in-one fermentation system, where the entire fermentation process can be achieved in one tank, no need for primary and secondary vessels.

Special Edition Accessories Make All the Difference
No matter what type of fermented beverage you attempt, wine, cider or beer, you are guaranteed high quality results if you follow FastFerments, One-Stage System. The entire Special Edition Bundle makes both fermenting and handling a breeze, with little or no mess or effort on your part. Not only that, but since there’s no transferring or racking, you’re in for up to 80 percent less work than with standard carboy systems. Keep in mind that after purchase, they’ve made it easy to upgrade your system by purchasing valuable accessories separately, such as a Fermentation Jacket or FastRack drying rack.

  • All-in-one fermentation system with yeast ball
  • Durable and functional 7.9 gallon conical fermenter
  • Carry strap, stand, thermometer and thermowell
  • Manufactured from high quality, food-grade, BPA Free HDPE Plastic
  • Some users may experience leaking at the seals
The Bottom Line - Accessory Rich for Fast and Easy Brewing

Full Throttle Parts FastFerment Complete Conical Fermenting Set Up has everything you’ll ever need when it comes to starting up your homebrewing venture. You not only get the 7.9 gallon conical fermenter, but an assortment of valuable accessories. This Special Edition set up includes the fermenter, carry strap, fermenter stand, thermometer and stainless steel thermowell.


BrewDemon Conical Fermenter

BrewDemon Conical Fermenter - Great option for smaller batchesSmall, Stylish and Compact Fermenting System
Not everyone interested in homebrewing feels the need to have a large setup. There are those who enjoy beer, but only require a small batch now and again. If this sounds like you, they BrewDemon came up with an exceptional conical fermenter with you in mind. The BrewDemon Conical Fermenter is referred to as the “World’s First” Small Batch Conical Fermenting System, and is easy to use, clean, maintain while being small enough to fit on most kitchen counter tops. What’s great about this little brewing monster, is that it can handle your batches, and look good doing it due to its stylish design so will easily blend in nicely with most kitchen decors.

Convenient, Small Batches of Fermented Beverages with Easy Trub Removal and Cleaning
The BrewDemon Conical Fermenter will brew you 2 to 2.5 gallon batches at a time of wine, mead, cider, kombucha or beer with its patented, 3 gallon, conical fermenter. It’s manufactured from sturdy, scratch resistant food-grade PVC plastic, and is BPA/Phthalate free. This material is guaranteed not to impart any untoward flavors or aromas to your beer, and the amber coloring protects your brew from the harmful effects of UV rays. The design works just the same as larger conical fermenters, ensuring that the trub stays at the bottom, where it belongs and makes transferring your batch to bottles fast, easy and hassle free.

Sturdy Stand, Temperature Strip and Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly
Your purchase includes a 3 gallon, conical fermenter, durable and sturdy stand, easy to adjust flow tap assembly, adhesive temperature strip, venting plug and a new bubbler upgrade. If your more interested in experimenting with different types of craft beer rather than producing a prodigious amount of one type, then consider purchasing a second BrewDemon. Here, you’ll be able to conveniently brew several small batches at once of different craft beer styles.

  • Small compact size, can easily fit on any counter top
  • Designed for those who only wish to make small batches at a time
  • Small, but powerful and easy to use, clean and maintain
  • Tank is manufactured from a scratch resistant, food-grade PVC plastic
  • Spigot could be made of a more durable material
The Bottom Line - For the Small Batch Brewer

The Brewdemons Conical Fermentation System is the perfect solution for those of you who only wish to make small batches at a time. In fact, those who prefer to experiment with beer flavors may purchase a second BrewDemon, so they can experience small batches of different styles. Its small size means it can fit on your kitchen counter top, and its stylish appearance means it can suit most kitchen decors. The tank is made from a durable, scratch resistant, food-grade PVC plastic, suited for long term use.


Criteria Used In This Review

Your beer is a unique mix of malts, grains and hops. Initially, this mixture is called ‘wort’. Fermenters are vessels where your carefully blended wort ferments in to a batch of delicious craft beer. Home brewers have their choice of many different types of vessels, from inexpensive plastic fermentation buckets, to the more expensive stainless steel conical fermenters. Which one you select will depend on your level of experience, what you feel comfortable with, and what you feel works best with different styles of beer.

When embarking on our journey to find the best fermenter for homebrewing, we looked at a few particulars. First was the ease of use. After all, each one of our offerings are all-in-one fermenters, or “unitanks”, which combine both the primary and secondary stages of fermentation in one vessel. Conical fermenters are those which have a base shaped at a 60 degree angle with a valve situated on the pointed end. A good fermenting unit will have an accessible system which makes sediment and yeast collection a snap. If the collection and removal of trub and yeast was sloppy, or didn’t live up to manufacturers claims, it most definitely did not make the cut. We also looked for dependable fermenting systems which came in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of each user. For instance, the small, compact BrewDemon for those who just like to brew small batches up to 2.5 gallons, to the FastFerment System which comes with a 7.9 gallon tank.

These fermenters also had to be easy to clean and maintain, such as the Ss Brewtech Home Brewing Brew Bucket Fermenter and the Catalyst Fermentation System. Fermenters that are easy to clean and scratch resistant mean that no microbes or bits of debris can hide within the scratches, spoiling your beer. Another crucial consideration was the ability of the fermenting system to create consistent, high quality batches of brew. In other words, if you followed the steps outlined in the instructions, each batch should provide you with not only a great tasting beer, but one which is clear and pleasing to the eye. Batches which do not produce clear, sediment free beer means that their sedimentation and yeast collection system is not doing its task properly. The unit must also make the entire process of fermenting and bottling your beer, easy and hassle free.

Finally, there’s the issue of brand. While it’s tempting to go cheap, especially for newbies, we strongly suggest that you shop the big brands, those such as SS Brew Tech and FastFerment. We realize that creating a basic homebrewing set up includes a good amount of supplies, but one must still purchase the best quality for their budget. By shopping for the more established brands, you are paying for years of development and continued customer satisfaction, something you won’t get with a cheap, fly by night knockoff. Brand power is seen in the verified customer reviews of each of our chosen products. High customer satisfaction not only means an excellent product, but superb customer service as well.

HomeBrew & Small Business Bottle Labeling Machines

Best Beer Bottle Labeling Machines

Starting your own home microbrewery is quite the exciting undertaking. You are personally creating your very own craft beer, from the fermentation process to bottling, you control each and every step. You’ve experimented with ingredients, fussed with batch after batch until you got it just right. Lets face it, you’ve worked hard to create your very own signature brew, so doesn’t it make sense to ensure it receives a proper bottle? One that truly represents your brand. In order to accomplish this, many home brewers design and apply their own labels.

Applying labels by hand to your bottles, boxes and other surfaces can look downright horrid when applied incorrectly. Even if you just miss your mark by a 16th of an inch, the mistake is quite noticeable. If labeling your beer is an important part of your process, then it may be wise to invest in a bottle label applicator. These applicators can be manual, such as the Adjustable Wizard Bottle Labeler, or mechanized like the Hanchen Round Bottle Labeling Machine.

After all, you’re spending quite a bit of time labeling your beer, By using a labeling applicator, you’re guaranteed to get it right every time! These labeling machines ensure that label application is quick and precise, so all of your products look professional. Remember, that a professionally labeled bottle is what will make the first impression, it will be the first thing your customer will see and will reflect on their perception of your brew.


Hanchen Round Bottle Labeling Machine C-306

Hanchen Round Bottle Labeling MachineHandles from 20 to 40 pieces per minute

The Hanchen Round bottle Labeling Machine is just what you need to apply your personally designed, craft beer labels to your bottles. This semi-automatic labeler is quick, and can handle from 20 to 40 pieces per minute. Not only is this bottle labeling machine good for your beer, but if someone in your family likes to prep canned foods or honey, know that you can also use it for plastic bottles, condiment bottles, or essence bottles. This unit adjustable for round bottles, metal cans, or plastic containers from 15 to 120 mm. The minimum size label is 26 x 25 mm, and the maximum sized label you can apply is 150 x 180 mm.

Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction and Intelligent Positioning Sensor

The Hanchen is manufactured from a durable aluminum alloy, and designed to give you years of dependable and reliable service. Its Intelligent Positioning Sensor ensures that your label will be placed precisely where you want it, and its high efficiency, 100 watt, 110 volt motor means you can count on the Hanchen to get your lot out each and every time. The Over-current Protection feature means that you’ll never have to worry about the unit becoming damaged due to a sudden increase in current.

  • Over-current protection feature
  • Made from durable aluminum alloy
  • High efficiency, 100 Watt, 110 Volt motor
  • Can label round vessels from 15 to 120 mm in diameter
  • Needs to be assembled
The Bottom Line - Dependable and Well-Made

The Hanchen Round Bottle Labeling Machine C-306 is a great choice for the homebrewer who bottles instead of kegs their beer. This unit comes with some nice features, including an over-current protection feature, a hard working, 100 Watt, 110 Volt motor and can label round plastic or glass bottles with a diameter of 15 to 120mm. If you are looking for an affordable machine which ensures that your labels will end up where you wish them to, then the Hanchen will work out quite well for your needs.


ZL5 Label Applicator Machine Bottle Labeler

ZL5 Label Applicator Machine Bottle LabelerHandles a Variety of Bottle Shapes

While many label application machines are made specifically for round or flat surfaces, the ZL Label Applicator Machine can easily handle bottle shapes which are round, oval, square as well as boxes, bags, DVD and CD cases. The unit fits label rolls up to 5 inches wide and 8 inches in diameter. The ZL5 comes with a Laser Indexing Module which ensures that your labels will applied in the perfect position no matter what the container shape. This is a great choice for the small business owner who requires a labeling machine which can handle square, oval, round and hexagonal shaped bottles, containers, boxes and pouches.

Made in the USA

Zap Labeler manufacturers this machine in the USA, and guarantees it for parts and labor for one year, with a full refund within 30 days. This versatile labeling machine is just perfect for the home, craft brewer who is bottling their beer and designing their own bags and packaging materials. At 16 x 8 x 6 inches and weighing only 7 pounds, the Zap Labeler ZL5 is the perfect solution.

  • Can label square, oval, round and hexagonal shaped bottles and containers
  • Laser indexing module ensures that your label placement will be perfect each and every time
  • Fits label rolls up to 5 inches wide by 8 inches in diameter
  • Lightweight at 7 pounds, compact and can fit on most counters
  • The Zap Labeler will take some adjustment
The Bottom Line - Versatile and Dependable

The Zap ZL5 Labeler is the perfect solution for those seeking a label applicator machine which can work on a variety of packaging from round, oval, hexagonal, square, shaped bottles and containers. This unit is small and compact, weighing only 7 pounds, so is easy to fit on most counter tops, desks or work tables. An excellent choice for the homebrewer who requires a labeling machine which can handle a variety of containers and packaging shapes.


Take-A-Label Applicator

Take-A-Label ApplicatorDurable, Powder Coated Steel Frame for Both Full and Partial Wraps

The TAL-1100MR is a manual label applicator to be used for round bottles, and manufactured with a durable, powder coated, steel frame. Designed to be easy to use, it’s perfect for those who need a quick method of applying labels to round bottles, and works for partial and full wraps. Easy to adjust, this model requires no extra tools to go from bottle size to bottle size.

Adjustable Unwind Tension and Waste Rewind Spindle

This machine easily handles labels up to 5 inches wide, and can fit bottles from 1 to 5 inches in diameter. The TAL-1100MR has an adjustable unwind tension, a waste rewind spindle which collects the backing papers. Easy to set up and use, all you need to do is put your labels in the carriage of the machine, thread them through and adjust the TAL-1100MR to suit the bottle or jar you with to use, and turn the handle. Comes with a DVD to assist you in set up and use. Unit Dimensions: 20”L x 9.5”W x 11”H and weight 15 pounds.

  • Super easy to set up and use
  • Fit the bottles in the carriage and simply turn the handle
  • Easy to adjust by hand with no extra tools required
  • Works for full or partial wraps
  • It will require you to make adjustments to apply your label
The Bottom Line - Fast and Easy to Use

The Take-A-Label Applicator is a great machine for many new to labeling their own brews. Very easy to set up and use, you simply thread the labels, insert the bottle into the carriage and turn the handle. Adjustments can be made by hand, without resorting to using tools, and it’s good for both full and partial wraps.


MopHorn Bottle Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine

MopHorn Bottle Labeling MachineStainless Steel Construction Powered by a 120 Watt, 110 Volt Motor

The stainless steel Mophorn bottle labeling machine, MT-50 is designed specifically for round bottle label application. This adjustable label applicator machine can handle round bottles from 12 to 90mm in diameter. Powered by a 110 volt, 120 watt motor, and constructed from durable stainless steel it can handle a label roll with an external diameter of 250mm, and inner diameter of 76mm.

Used for Home and Light Industrial Packaging

The Mophorn is a semi-automatic unit which can be used for light industrial packaging as well as home businesses such as craft breweries which require an easy to use, reliable labeling machine. By using the Mophorn, MT-50 labeling machine you’ll eliminate unsightly creases and air bubbles. This unit can be used on glass, plastic, metal and PET bottles. Easy to use, you simply orientate your bottle manually, secure it and proceed to apply the labels.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Can label round glass, plastic, metal and PET bottles
  • No unsightly creases or bubbling
  • Adjustable to fit bottles from 12 to 90mm in diameter
  • Needs assembly, a more informative print manual would be appreciated
The Bottom Line - For Professional Results

The Mophorn MT-50 is a reliable, semi-automatic label application unit that can label bottles from 12 to 90 mm in diameter. Made from stainless steel, this applicator can label plastic, metal, glass and PET bottles with ease. By using the MT-50 you’ll also be eliminating the unsightly creases and air bubbles that are sadly common during most label application procedures, thus giving your bottles a professional and neat appearance.


Recommended Alternatives

Giara Flip-top Chalkboard label bottlesGiara Flip top Chalkboard Labeled Bottles
These elegantly designed, chip resistant Giara bottles are the perfect solution for someone who wishes to label their brews in a professional manner, without investing in a labeling machine. Each of these dishwasher safe bottles are able to hold 33.75 ounces, and can be used for kombucha, wine, oils and of course, beer. These reusable, BPA free bottles come with swing stoppers that function to seal in freshness, and 6 reusable chalkboard labels. For many home brewers, using the Giara glass bottles is a convenient way to bottle and label their brews without purchasing bottle caps, a bottle capper, labels and a labeling machine.

  • Beautifully designed, BPA free 33.75 ounce glass bottles
  • Chip resistant
  • Each bottle has a chalkboard label
  • The swing stopper seals in freshness
  • If you scrub the labels too hard they’ll peel off

Adjustable Wizard Bottle Label Applicator
Not everyone wishes to purchase a labeling machine, and if this is you then the Adjustable Wizard Bottle Labeler is perfect. Made right here in the USA, this lightweight, handy little gadget is an easy way to manually position your bottle and apply your labels. This applicator ensures that your labels will be properly positioned, even and have a uniform, finished and professional look. The adjustable ‘shelf’ means you have 4 positions from which to choose and can label containers from 1 inch to 3-1/4 inches in diameter. This is basically for home use only, takes up little space and no assembly. However, know that it cannot handle label rolls, just flat adhesive labels such as chalkboard labels.

  • No assembly required
  • Manual labels are applied precisely and accurately
  • Affordable, lightweight and very easy to use
  • Made in the USA from high quality wood
  • Due to its design, it cannot hold label rolls

The Adjustable Wizard Label Applicator is a nice little addition to your home brewery. No assembly required, you simply place your bottle on its ‘shelf’ where you have 4 positions to choose from, and start labeling. The downside is that it cannot handle label rolls, so you’ll have to do this using only flat, sheet adhesive labels. Lightweight and easy to handle, the best solution for a small home brewer who just needs to label a few batches.

Are the prices of these label makers breaking the bank a bit? You’ll want to make sure to to checkout our list of entry level options labeling options.


Criteria Used in This Review

When searching for the best label applicators to place in our review, we looked for those that gave you a finished product, one where the label was free from creases, air bubbles and had accurate placement. After all, first impressions are paramount when it comes to those looking to taste your beer, and if the labels are applied in a sloppy manner, creased, ripped and torn, we can guarantee that will play a part in how your brew is perceived by your taster.

There’s also the concept of manual label applicators or semi-automatic label applicators. As everyone will have their own preferences, it’s important that we present you with a representation of each. If you’re aspirations are to label hundreds of bottles a day or week, then of course the semi-automatic unit will be the more prudent choice. However, if you are operating a small home brewery for yourself and a few friends, then by all means invest in a manual unit.

Finally, we were sure to include models which not only handled round bottles, but those that took care of square, oval, hexagonal bottles as well as pouches, and so on. Such machines that offer you the ability to label a wider variety of shapes and containers can assist the home brewer who may see growth in their microbrewery, and may wish to turn it into a thriving craft beer business, and market their brew in different styled bottles.

Best 3 Home Brew Kits of 2019

Best HomeBrew Kits Featured Image

According to Gary Glass, director of the American Homebrewers Association:

The homebrewing community is in every corner of the country and highly engaged in this hobby. From the amount of money spent on supplies to the sheer number of homebrewers, it’s clear this is a growing trend and people are incredibly interested in learning about and making their own brews at home.

As you can see, while it’s possible to purchase a variety of unique beers from you local store, online or via a beer of the month club, millions of Americans as well as people all over the world, are finding deep satisfaction in creating their own blends. In fact, with a little practice and a solid understanding of the science of brewing, you’ll be able to create your own, personal signature brew.

Today, the 1516 German Purity Law fpr beer no longer applies. The days of sticking solely to barley, water and hops are over, and people are now creating craft beer from everything from pumpkin spice to peanuts. In fact, you’ll notice that in many homebrewing articles, that successful brewers consider their endeavor to be one of love, a mix of science and art and a whole lot of practice with a pinch of patience. The satisfaction incurred by walking to your very own kegerator, and pouring yourself a cold one, straight from the tap, in your own home is considered the ultimate experience among beer lovers.


HomeBrew Kits Review

Like any other activity, getting started in homebrewing means a mix of personal and financial investment on your part. You’ll have to spend time learning about the fermentation process, as well as look for the best equipment you can afford. Since there’s so much involved, we believe that for the absolute novice, purchasing a solid beer brewing kit is the way to go. These starter kits come with the basic equipment you’ll need to get started. These kits hold the core of the operation, all in one box, however be warned that you’ll probably have to purchase a few extras yourself. Overall, purchasing the best beer brewing kit for your needs is a great investment, one that you can build your craft on.


Northern Brewer Deluxe Home Brewing Starter Kit

Northern Brewer Deluxe Home Brewing Equipment Starter KitExcellent Starter Kit for Raw Beginners
Hands down, the Northern Brewer Deluxe Home Brewing Starter kit is one of the best ways for a beginner to enter into the creative world of home brewing. In fact, according to its Northern Brewer, this is the best selling beginner kit ever, and gives you everything you’ll ever need to make your very own brew, including 2 full sized fermenters. A great starter kit, it’s one that you can grow on. Once you have the basic equipment, you can then add the certain items such as hydrometers, and begin expanding your hobby.

Complete Set of Informative, Easy to Follow Instructions
If you’re wondering if you could create your own brew, know that this kit includes a full set of instructions in print, video and digital manuals. In fact, according to the manufacturer, if you follow these instructions to the letter, you’re very first batch of brew will be perfect, it’s that easy. The recipe kit that comes included in your purchase contains only premium ingredients: Grains, malts, hops and yeast. This will give you a batch of savory and flavorful Chinook IPA, enough beer for 50 12-ounce bottles!

Exciting Collection of Essentials
Besides the Chinook IPA recipe, this kit contains 2 Carboys: A 6 gallon, primary fermenter, 5 gallon secondary fermenter for use in two-stage fermentation techniques. Other features include a Bung and Airlock, blowoff hose, funnel, adhesive thermometers, bottle filler, tubing, auto-siphon, bottle capper, caps, brewery cleaner, carboy brush and bottle brush. Please note that you’ll need to purchase a 4 or 5 gallon brew kettle, and 50, 12 ounce beer bottles separately.

  • 2 Full-sized fermenters, or carboys for primary and secondary fermentation
  • Full range of necessary accessories for the beginning brewer
  • Complete Chinook IPA recipe kit
  • Full set of instruction in print, video and digital formats
  • Transfer tubing could be longer
The Bottom Line

Northern Brewer Deluxe Home Brewing Equipment Starter Kit is known as one of the best starter kits for beginners. It supplies you with 2 full sized carboys for primary and secondary fermentation, plus a bottle brush and carboy drying brush. Other accessories include a bottle capper, caps, cleaner, adhesive thermometer, bottle wand, tubing, auto-siphon, funnel airlock, bung and blowoff hose. As you can see, you have everything you’ll need for the fermentation process, except for the brew kettle and bottles. This is indeed, an excellent kit for beginners with everything within arms reach, you’re well on your way when it comes to creating the best brew.


Midwest Supplies Beer – HomeBrewing Beer Starter Kit

Midwest Supplies Beer. Simply Beer. - Homebrewing Beer Brewing Starter Kit

Affordable Entry Level Starter Kit
The Beer. Simply Beer starter kit by Midwest Supplies is an excellent choice for those who are new to the fine art of craft brewing. First things first, this is a very affordable kit, and should be thought of as an entry level starter kit for anyone who is on the fence as to whether they wish to brew or not. As for the performance of the Beer. Simply Beer kit itself, each batch will leave you with 5 gallons of beer that you’ve made yourself from your very own, home microbrewery.

Easy to Follow Instructions and a Complete Pale Ale Recipe Kit
Your first batch will be their very own, highly rated Pale Ale recipe kit, which includes all that you’ll need to make your first batch. Making your own beer for the first time can be a daunting experience. However, if you’re the least bit concerned that you’ll not be able to brew your beer, have no worries, as Midwest Supplies has designed a kit with easy to follow instructions that will make it so simple, that any novice will be able to catch on and brew a satisfying and savory beverage.

Good Selection of Homebrewing Essentials
This is a cost effective homebrew starter kit that contains enough accessories to get you on the road to brewing. You get the Pale Ale recipe Kit, a 6.5 gallon fermenting bucket, airlock 6.5 gallon bottling bucket, spigot, grommeted lid, bottle filler, tubing, siphon, FermagraF, test jar, bottle brush, capper, triple scale hydrometer, Oxygen Wash Sanitizer. You’ll need to purchase a 4 to 5 gallon kettle and around 50, 12 ounce beer bottles and crown caps.

  • Affordable kit for the novice homebrewer
  • Good quality supplies
  • Easy to follow, simplified brewing instructions
  • Delicious Pale Ale Recipe kit included
  • Bucket lid does not have a gasket
The Bottom Line

Midwest Supplies Beer. Simply Beer homebrew starter kit is a great way for beginners to start, especially those who are not sure if they’ll actually like it or not, as the initial investment is low. You’ll get the 6.5 plastic fermentation bucket, simplified brewing instructions and their very own, Pale Ale Recipe Kit. As for accessories, you’ll not be wanting, with the exception of the brew kettle and glass bottles. Overall, this is a good, affordable beginner starter kit that you can build on.


Home Brew Ohio – Complete Beer Equipment Kit

Home Brew Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit

The Home Brew Ohio Gold Kit is the perfect gift for someone special who enjoys a good “straight from the tap” taste from the convenience of their own home. This kit will ensure that everyone from the novice to seasoned brewer will be able to make their own, favorite craft brew the first time out. If the entire process of homebrewing seems confusing, know that their easy to follow instructions are right there to guide you in setting up the the brewing equipment as well as taking you through each step of the brewing process.

The Gold Kit comes with a 7.8 gallon fermenting bucket, True Brew rack and fill kit, 5 gallon glass carboy, 1 drilled lid, grommet, fermometer, Buon Vino drilled stopper, spigot, hydrometer, Emily Double Lever capper, 3-piece airlock, bottle brush, 8 pack, C-Brite Sanitizer. Just remember that in order to boil the wort, you’ll need to purchase a 4 to 5 gallon kettle. 12 ounce beer bottles and caps must also be purchased separately.

  • 7.8 gallon plastic fermenting bucket and 5 gallon glass carboy
  • Perfect, ‘straight from the tap’ taste your first time out
  • Easy to follow equipment set up instructions and brewing instructions
  • Solid, basic kit, perfect for beginners to learn the process
  • Does not come with an auto-siphon
The Bottom Line

The Home Brew Ohio Gold Starter Kit is a sound way to begin your foray into the world of making your own craft beer. It comes with a 7.8 gallon plastic fermentation bucket and 5 gallon glass carboy for primary and secondary fermentation, rack and fill kit, Fermometer, bottle capper, airlock, bottle brush, sanitizer and hydrometer. The instructions are included and designed to be easy to follow. Nice kit for beginners to begin to hone and polish their skills.


Criteria Used in This Review

In the end, it’s not about the equipment, price or added features that matter most, but the quality of the end product. When searching for the best home brewing kits, nothing matters more than the taste, aroma and overall quality of your newly brewed batch. So, when selecting our 3 best home beer brewing kits, if the instructions were not comprehensive and easy to follow, or the resulting beer did not have a signature style, flavorful, draught taste, then it did not make the cut. As long as the equipment was durable enough to deliver batches of brew in a consistent manner, and the end result was savory, crisp and thirst quenching it did what it set out to do.

In our search for the best brew kit, it was necessary to consider all of the variables available to us, and one of those were verified customer reviews. According to an article in Invespcro, 90 percent of online shoppers actually read the customer reviews before even considering the brand There has to be some sort of consensus, some type of ‘fan base’ for a home brewing kit in order to solidify an opinion. Verified customer reviews provide the foundation for which many select one home brew kit over another.

Finally, brand name. It may sound shallow at first, to include brand as a reason for selecting your kit, but brands have built their reputation on their product and reponsive customer service. When you purchase a brand name, you’re purchasing years of product testing and development that went into that kit, not to mention customer satisfaction. If you opt for a knock-off, you’ll only be hurting yourself in the end, as these products will not be durable and the companies might not back them up.


You’ve Got Your Kit…What’s Next?

Once you’ve completed a few batches, gotten the hang of how the processes work, it’s then time to begin to build up your microbrewery. In other words, it’s time to add a few essential pieces of brewing equipment which are designed to make the brewing process easier and more enjoyable.

All Grain Vs Extract Kits
In the beginning, you’ll probably find yourself experimenting with malt extract kits as it’s much cheaper and more readily available, the same goes for those interested in partial mash brewing. Another advantage of this type of brewing is that you’ll be able to get away without using too much specialized equipment, so that keeps your initial investment down. Extract brewing means that there’s no need to mash your grains to create your wort, so the margin for error is decreased. However, that also reduces your ability to be creative as well. But once you’ve honed your skills and gotten hold of the more scientific aspect of beer making, when you being all-grain brewing, you can concentrate more on the creativity.

All-Grain Brewing
When you embark on all-grain brewing, you can honestly call yourself a home brewer. It’s here where you’ll have a complete say over the process. Everything is under your control, from the type of beer you wish to make, it’s color, aroma, level of alcohol per volume, and so on. While the grains, malts, yeast and hops are less expensive, with all-grain brewing you may have to purchase some extra supplies. These supplies may include a mash tun, 5 gallon brew kettle, and perhaps upgrading to a stainless steel conical fermenter. A powerful brew burner will also need to be purchased to create the continuous, rigorous boil required for all-grain brewing. Finally, consider the time involved. An accomplished malt extract brewer can complete their batch in under 3 hours, whereas the all-grain process can take up to eight, from start to finish.

Get Geeky With It
Are you really looking to take your homebrew game to the next level? You’ll want to make sure to start recording your recipes and using homebrew calculators to plan future brews. There are so many different components that need to come together to create an excellent beer. If you find something you really like along the way, You’ll be kicking yourself for not recording the exact recipe for future batches!


Additional Beer Equipment To Consider

These are the vessels which will turn your wort into delicious beer. There are different types of fermenters, ranging from the basic plastic brewing buckets and carboys to conical fermenting systems. Each type is capable of making high quality beer, has their own pros and cons, but in the end, it all depends on your personal preference.

Brew Kettles
Most beginner homebrewing kits do not come with a brew kettle, so you’ll need to purchase one specifically made for the task. A 5 gallon, stainless steel brew kettle is perfect for beginners. If you opt for the cheaper alumin brew kettle, then purchase one with a triclad bottom. When selecting the size, remember that you’ll need room for the wort to foam up without spilling over during the boil, so always use a pot which is larger than your planned batch amount.

Wort Chillers
To ensure a good batch, it’s necessary to cool your batch as quickly as possible. This way it does not sit long, which invites bacteria, stays clear and prevents the unpleasant taste that comes with dimethyl sulfide (DMS). Beginners usually opt for an ice bath. However, if you purchase either an Immersion chiller, counterflow chiller or plate chiller, you’ll be guaranteed a quick cool down.

Brew Burners
As previously stated, in order to get a nice rolling boil up, placing your kettle on the stove just won’t be enough, you’ll need a brew burner. These brew burners are designed to burn hotter quicker and are generally powered by propane.

Stirring Spoon
A long stirring spoon is used to blend grains during the mash and boil sessions.

Testing Equipment
There are many different beer sample test kits on the market. If you’re serious about creating unique, flavorful, high quality craft beers to share with friends or sell at the local farmers market, testing each batch is critical for the best outcome.

Digital Scale and Measuring Cup
When it comes to creating a good brew, a digital scale outweighs the old fashioned kitchen scale when it comes to accuracy and precision. Digital scales are used to measure your individual grains before mixing. To illustrate their importance, think of how a measuring cup is used to bake cakes. When the measurements are precise, the cake succeeds, if they are not it fails. By measuring, you’re guaranteed to create consistent batches every time. Measuring cups are used for water.

When it comes time to pitch the yeast, you’ll be prompted by the temperature, which is generally below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Please don’t run outside and grab your weather thermometer. Instead, purchase a decent, calibrated one that’s made for brewing or enduring high temperatures.

Bungs and Airlock or Blow Off Tube
During your homebrewing experience, you’ll have to use rubber stoppers for your airlocks, tuns, and carboys. Simply shop for them, purchasing only the sizes you need. Airlocks sit atop your fermenter and let CO2 escape. If the CO2 is not allowed to escape it will not only ruin your batch, but you risk the fermenter exploding due to increased interior pressure. If the airlock can’t cut it, then purchase a blow off tube. Here, the krausen, or froth that occurs during fermentation to run down the tube.

Auto-Siphon and Tubing
Auto-Siphons make the transfer of liquids super easy for the homebrewer. It works on the same principle as an everyday siphon, and eliminates the nasty habit of having to suck on one end of the tubing in order to get the beer flowing. Auto-siphons make the entire process of transferring easier and germ free. Tubing is what your liquid flows through.

Hydrometer and Hydrometer Jar
Hydrometers are crucial to a successful batch. These instruments are responsible for calculating specific gravity, ABV percentage, and letting you know when the fermentation process is completed. Keep in mind you’ll also need a hydrometer jar of around 250ml in size to test the batch.

Cleaners and Sanitizers
It’s crucial that you only use sanitizers make specifically for beer brewing. These sanitizers will not have to be rinsed off of your equipment, and are made with chemicals that will not harm you, your beer or the equipment. These are available in both liquid solutions and powder, and a little goes a long way. Cleaners and sanitizers perform different functions. Cleaners are designed to rid your equipment of visible debris and stains, while sanitizers work to remove the unseen microbes. Please steer clear of household cleaners, they are not meant for brewing equipment and can introduce unpleasant tastes and smells via their chemical composition and artificial scents.

Bottling or Kegerator Equipment
If you plan on bottling your beer, you’ll need dark bottles, bottle caps, a bottle capper and bottle drying racks. If you plan on reusing your bottles, then purchase some beer bottle brushes. To fill your bottles, invest in a bottling wand, also called a bottle filler. Alternatively, If you are willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a good kegerator system – You can exchange some of your hard earned dollars to save a good chunk of time moving from bottling to Kegs.


Join A Beer of the Month Club

Practice just doesn’t mean knowing the process, but also becoming familiar with the mouthfeel, aroma and appearance of as many different beer styles as possible, and one way to do that is by becoming a member of a beer of the month club. Joining a beer of the month club is not only fun for the homebrewer, but an essential part of learning the ropes. This is especially true for individuals who live in an area where the purchase of craft beers are limited. Why is this important you ask? Well, because when you join a beer of the month club, you’ll be able to experience a vast variety of beer in a short time, all brewed from breweries which have a high regard for the quality of their brew, are well known and respected.

By joining a beer of the month club, you’ll have access to craft beer from throughout the United States as well as taste international, imported brands, all delivered straight to your front door. Also, by visiting sites like RateBeer you’ll see how others rate beers similar to those you may be crafting in your own homebrewery. Get to know how others feel about an IPA or porter, see what they are looking for in a good brew, step outside the box of normality and jump into the world of the eccentric and daring.


Brewing Education: Calling All Brew Masters

If you get to the point where you become so immersed in the world of homebrewing, and wish to further your studies, know that the world is packed with legitimate study programs which center on the science of beer making. There are also brewing associations that offer members invaluable information and networking contacts.

If you are interested in taking your homebrew knowledge to the next level, Here is a great Google Docs sheet that lists further education programs available for aspiring brew-masters.

Best Electric All in One Automated Brewing Systems

The 5 best automated brewing systems on the market today

Automated “all-in-one” homebrewing systems produce exceptional beer in a great variety of flavors and styles.

While they are convenient and eliminate the need for a mass of brewing equipment, there are some who feel that it takes the art out of brewing, while others find that it makes the entire brewing process more streamlined and inviting. Whichever camp you belong to, there is one thing that remains: These automated brewing systems are here to stay.

Perhaps a compromise is in order, where serious brewers can actually own and use both. The automated home brew systems can be used to experiment with prepackaged recipes and can be used to produce beer more quickly, while the standard brewing set up can be utilized for more creative, experimental brewing. That being said, there is no hard and fast rule as to which set ups are better, because in the end, it all boils down to personal preference.

Below, we’ve included some of the best electric, all-in-one brewing systems available on the market today. If you are seriously considering purchasing one of these beauties, keep in mind which model will make the brewing process simpler for you. After all, that is the main reason these units are purchased, what works for one homebrewer might not work for another.


Brewie+ Advanced Home Beer Brewing Machine

Brewie+ Advanced Home Beer Brewing MachineThe World’s First Automatic Brewing Machine
The Brewie+ carries with it the distinction of being the world’s very first automated brewing machine. The Brewie+ is a durable, fast and lightweight automated brewing machine, that comes with a WiFi module which keeps you up to date on the brewing process when you’re not in the direct contact with the unit via your smartphone, computer or tablet. You can also take charge of your Brewie using it’s easy to navigate touch screen display. State-of-the-art heating elements means that you’ll reach your boil faster, which significantly cuts down on the overall brewing time.

An Excellent Choice for New and Seasoned Brewers
The Brewie+ is suitable for both newbie and experienced homebrewers, and can produce up to 5 gallons on its own, just add your favorite ingredients and start the machine. As far as ingredients go, this unit can easily deal with grain bills up to 17.5 pounds. If you’re concerned about how much maintenance is involved, know that the Brewie+ has been designed with 3 convenient cleaning cycles: quick, full, and sanitize. If you think the art of creating the best brew will be lost, don’t be. The Brewie+ puts the homebrewier in the drivers seat, giving you full control over every step, allowing you to control the settings for hopping, sparging or mashing.

Downloadable Recipes and a Beer Explorers Club
The Brewie+ also has a friendly and dedicated social media presence on their very own platform, the Beer Explorers Club. There you’ll find others, just like you who you can share information, recipes and general conversation. Their website is also filled with valuable information, including downloadable recipes. All tanks are made from durable stainless steel, and integrated sensors make certain that only the right amount of water is used. This counter top brewing unit comes with 4 stainless steel hop tanks, sparging can be manual or automatic, The 1800 Watt Brewie+ has a life expectancy of 20,000 hours of service, has a brewing capacity of 2.64 to 5.28 gallons, weighs in at 64 pounds and measures 29 x 13.3 x 18.4 inches.

  • Powerful, can handle up to 17.5 pounds
  • Dedicated social media presence and community for members
  • Life expectancy of 20,000 hours of service
  • 3 convenient cleaning cycles: quick, full, and sanitize
  • The price may be a little too steep for some people
Brewie+ | Full Control At Your Fingertips

The Brewie+ is a fully automated, all-in-one brewing system that can produce up to 5 gallons of brew, and has a total life expectancy of 20,000+ hours. Not only does this 1800 Watt brewing machine have what it takes to crush the competition, but its Beer Explorers Club helps get brewers together where they can share beer recipes and brewing tips. We like the Brewie+ because it gives you control over the process, whereby the concept of brewing as an art form is maintained and fostered.


The Grainfather Brewing System

The Grain Father - All Grain Brewing System#304 Stainless Steel Construction with Integrated Counterflow Chiller
Take just one look at the Grainfather, and you’ll see a brewing system with a well thought out design, stylish in appearance. The Grainfather is a feature laden, all-in-one brewing system constructed from #304 stainless steel, to handle nothing but grains. This affordably priced automated brewing system uses 120 volts to turn your grains into some perfectly made batches of brew, each and every time. This unit comes with a stainless steel inner basket where the mashing occurs, and continues to recirculate. When it’s time to cool down your wort after the boil, its integrated counter-flow chiller with a copper inner coil handles all the work for you.

Connect Control Box, Connector App for Remote Brewing
Its Connect Control Box is used with its Connector App, and connects via Bluetooth which enables you to keep track of your homebrewing process remotely. The App also gives you access to delicious beer recipes, set the temperature for your boil, and switch from manual mode to App and back again. This exceptionally well-designed 8 gallon capacity automated brewing system is comes with a tempered glass lid, 6 Watt, mag drive pump, stainless steel pump filter and an expandable grain basket To bring your wort to a nice, rolling boil, it uses a 1600 watt state-of-the-art heating element.

Ease of Use Adds to the Beer Crafting Experiencing
Easy to use, just find your favorite recipe, fill the system with water and heat. Next, add in the grain, flip on the re circulation pump so it can complete the mash. Afterwards, boil the wort, use the counter-flow chiller until you’ve reached the pitching temperature. Following instructions, you’ll find that cleanup is simple as well. When you purchase the Grainfather, you’ll be able to made delicious grain-based craft beer from a variety of recipes, all without the bother of carboys, tubing, plastic buckets and a host of other accessories. The Grainfather affords you the ease of creation while keeping the art of brewing intact.

  • Easy to set up, operate and clean
  • Manufactured from #304 stainless steel
  • Intuitive App allows you to control the brewing process remotely
  • App contains many interesting and satisfying recipes
  • Can clog is directions are not followed
The GrainFather - All Grain, Perfect Beer, Every Time.

The Grainfather has quite a following in the world of automated home brewing. This beauty is built from #304 stainless steel and handles nothing but grains. This system is easy to set up and operate, you can even control the brewing process remotely with its user friendly app, which is filled with quite a few beer recipes. Overall, the Grainfather is a superb choice for creative brewers everywhere who respect the art of brewing great craft beers.


BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System

BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System

Automatically Brew Up to 2.6 Gallons of High Quality Beer
Hailing from the beautiful country of Australia, manufactured by Cooper Breweries and sold under BrewArt, the BeerDroid was created in 2016 for those who love the taste of home craft beer, but lack the time or interest to undertake traditional home brewing process. When you use the BeerDroid, you’ll be eliminating the use of fermentation vessels, messy transfers, as well as the plethora of brewing equipment such as hydrometers, stirring spoons, and auto-siphons. The BeerDroid brews up to 2.6 gallons of high quality beer, simply by pushing a few buttons. The App allows you to take control of the process remotely if necessary.

Brewprints Make for Perfect Batches Each and Every Time
You also gain access to over 40 “Brewprints”. Brewprints are recipes which were inspired by the best beers in the world. Each of these packages comes with everything you’ll need from hops to yeast, to create a whopping 10 liters of high quality beer. The ingredients in each package is of the highest quality and free from chemical additives and preservatives. The Brewprints are economically priced and well worth the investment, especially for novices in the art of brewing. The BeerDroid is comprised of 2 main parts. The first part is named the BeerDroid, and is responsible for the brewing and fermenting. The second part is the BreFlow, which functions as a keg and beer dispenser, so your beer emerges from the tap, chilled and delicious, all without having to deal with CO2 canisters. You can also check the level of brew left in the keg by way of it’s integrated scale.

Patented End of Fermentation Technology, Easy to Clean and Maintain
Easy to use, it’s patented End of Fermentation Technology alerts you to when your brew has finished it’s fermentation and is ready to keg. As for cleaning and maintenance, the BeerDroid really doesn’t require much in the way of effort on your part. This unit comes with throw-away keg liners and beer lines, so there’s no need to spend extra money on cleaners and sanitizers, money best left to spend on new, flavorful Brewprint packages. Your initial purchase of the BeerDroid includes an American Pale Ale BrewPrint to get you started.

Can be Controlled Manually or via the BrewArt App
When it comes to making your first batch, just set the BeerDroid up on a table or counter top. Next, add the water and your favorite Brewprint package. Once finished your brew will then enter the storage mode. The process can be started manually via the easy to use, LCD display panel, or remotely with the BrewArt app. As the BeerDroid is temperature controlled, you can input your own settings, select the yeast propagation, brewing and kegging temperatures. If you’ve just unboxed your BeerDroid and are eager to get started, but are a bit confused, know that it comes with pre-programmed settings for both Ales and Lagers.

  • BrewArt App allows for remote brewing
  • Brewprints for consistently perfect batches
  • Pre-programmed settings for Ales and Lagers
  • Includes One Pale American Ale Brewprint
  • None
BeerDroid - Superb Tasting Beer at the Push of a Button

The BrewDroid, fully automated brewing system is one of the best brewing systems on the market today. By using their Brewprints, you’ll be able to brew each batch to perfection. Also, if you’re new to homebrewing, know that the BrewDroid has pre-programmed settings for both Lagers and Ales. The BeerDroid is a user friendly, designed to be operated manually or remotely via their convenient app. This easy to clean and maintain automated home brewer is just like having your very own, professional microbrewery right in your own home.


PicoBrew Model-C Automated Brewing Machine

PicoBrew Automated Brewing MachineWelcome to the Simplified World of Automatic Brewing
The PicoBrew Model C is another is a finely crafted brewing machine which allows you to set your homebrewing on automatic, quickening up the brewing process. By using the PicoBrew, you’ll never have to deal with hauling around glass carboys or purchasing a ton of homebrewing equipment like auto-siphons, jars, or fermentation vessels. All that’s needed is for you to utilize their very own “PicoPaks”, packages of pre-blended grains and hops.

PicoPaks: The Foolproof Way to Brew Exceptional Beer Every Time
These PicoPaks are designed in such a way that homebrewing the perfect brew is now a foolproof operation. You can even grab up some PicoPaks which favor some of your favorite craft beers. In fact, PicoBrew has buddied up with over 200 breweries, which provides them with more than 100 PicoPaks. What’s really nice about the PicoPaks, is that you can now experience the savory taste of craft beers from breweries throughout the country, without leaving your home. PicoBrew also gives you the option to order FreeStyle packs, which are entirely customized by you.

Brew Great Tasting Beer in a Few Short Hours
The entire process, from beginning to end takes only a few short hours. There is no mashing, no boiling, and no messy transferring. Cleanup is easy, as the parts which need cleaning are all dishwasher safe. As for instruction, Pico provides you with plenty of online instructional videos, and an online users manual. Just one quick note, you cannot use your PicoBrew offline as you can other automated brewers. Only when online can the PicoBrew Model C figure out which PicoPak you’re using, so make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection before you purchase it.

Comes with a 5 Liter Aluminum Keg
Once the fermentation process is completed, it’s time to keg and carbonate the beer. Your PicoBrew will come with a 5 liter aluminum keg. All that’s necessary is to add a bit of sugar and seal up the keg. If you prefer, you can substitute the sugar for a force carbonating kit which utilizes CO2 cartridges, purchased separately. The CO2 is often the preferred route as it hurries up the carbonation process. If there is a downside to this unit, it’s the fact that PicoBrew has made certain that once you purchase it, you’re dependent on them for basic equipment, as everything is tied into the PicoBrew Model C design, and nothing can be used as a substitute, even the PicoPaks.

  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Totally automated brewing system
  • PicoPaks available which produce beer from well known craft breweries
  • Easy to clean, most parts are dishwasher safe
  • Must use WiFi to connect and operate


ClawHammer Supply Brewing System Version 2

ClawHammer Supply - Complete Homebrew Beer Brewing SystemBrew 10.5 gallons in a High Quality #304 Stainless Steel Brewing Kettle
The Complete Homebrew Beer Brewing System by Clawhammer Supply, Version 2, is an all-in-one, semi-automated, 10.5 gallon system. Made with premium quality, food-grade #304 stainless steel brewing kettle that handles both the mash and boil with great efficiency and ease. No more balancing between fermenting vessels and messy transfers, this all-grain brewing system does it all in this one stainless steel kettle, using a BIAB, or “Brew in a Bag” technology. Brew in a bag means that your entire batch is brewed in the one kettle using stainless steel hop and grain baskets.

Preserves the Art of All Grain Brewing
The Clawhammer semi-automated homebrew system makes brewing easy with it’s ‘set it and forget it’ method of brewing. This model is absolutely perfect for the home brewer who seeks to have ultimate control over their brewing. In other words, there are no pre-packaged recipe kits with the Clawhammer unit. You’ll be responsible for crafting your very own signature brew solely by your chosen mix of ingredients. To help protect you from the high temperatures during brewing the handles are made from a heat resistant silicone coated material.

Brewing Handled by a 15 Amp, PID Digital Controller
Controls for this brewing system are handled brilliantly by its 15 amp, PID digital controller, and the boil supplied by a 1650 Watt heating element. Other features include a high volume/temp heavy duty pump, removable temperature probe, 20 plate, heat exchanger wort chiller, durable silicone hoses and quick release hose fittings.

  • 15 amp, PID digital controller
  • 20 plate wort chiller
  • Set it and forget it brewing style
  • Gives you ultimate control over your all-grain brewing
  • Some users may find the digital control box to be too complex
ClawHammer E-Brewing System - Retain the Art of All-Grain Craft Beer Brewing

The ClawHammer Supply Brewing System Version 2 is a semi-automatic beer brewing unit that preserves the art of beer brewing. Everything is controlled by its 15 amp, PID digital controller, allowing you to have a set it and forget it style of brewing. Other features include a 20 plate wort chiller, all the hoses and fittings you’ll need for operation, 1650 Watt heating element, and a heavy duty pump. Manufactured with high quality, #304 stainless steel, it uses a BIAB brewing method to secure the absolutely best beer available.


RoboBrew Automated Brewing System Version 3

RoboBrew v3All Grain Brewing, Integrated Drive Pump and Dual Heating Elements
The Robobrew, Version 3 has been developed specifically for those who are interested in all-grain brewing, as opposed to extract brewing. This automated brewing system has everything you need built right in. It’s made with an integrated magnetic drive pump to recirculate the wort, easy to remove grain basket, spigot, dual heating elements, and easy to use control panel. Dual heating elements give you the control you need when it comes to setting your temperature. The 1000 watt element quickly heats up the temperature so you get a fast, continuous and vigorous boil, and the second 500 watt heating element is for when you’d like to keep the temperature stable.

Plug and Play Set Up, Stainless Steel Construction
This set it and forget it electrical brewing system is basically a 9.25 gallon capacity “plug and play” operation with a delay start timer, step mash functionality, and interior volume markings. Features include a stainless steel construction, re-circulation arm, stainless steel malt pipe, digital temperature control, stainless steel 1/2 inch ball valve, immersion wort chiller, and glass lid. This is a great system for those of you looking for an affordable, dependable brewing system with a set it and forget it ability.

  • Affordable set it and forget it system
  • Excellent for all-grain brewing
  • Dual heating elements
  • Generous 9.25 gallon capacity
  • Some components are not as high quality as they could be
RoboBrew - Affordable,Reliable and Hardworking

The RoboBrew Version 3 Electrical Brewing System is a well-received brewing unit. This affordable system can be used for both extract and all grain brewing, but is more suited to all grain brewing. The dual heating elements and generous 9.25 gallon capacity and digital temperature are just a small sampling of the positive aspects of the RoboBrew. An excellent choice for the beginning or casual brewer.


Best Automated Brewing System Review – The Criteria Used in Our Selection

When we laid out our criteria for selecting the best brewing machines, we took into consideration just what the professional homebrewer would need to simplify the brewing process. We also had the casual brewer in mind, knowing that they might not be interested in the art of brewing, but simply looking for a quick and easy way to brew some high quality beer and save some money in the long run.

Automated brewing systems are designed for one thing.

To take the effort and time out of homebrewing. These systems take all of the steps and streamline them, so each batch exhibits a uniform, consistent quality and taste. Therefore, the top consideration was the quality of brew produced.

Our criteria included offering potential buyers a choice of systems which allowed the brewer to be creative and create their own craft beers, such as the Clawhammer Supply brewing system, or those which only use pre-packaged ingredients, such as the PicoBrew Model-C. Either way, the automated brewing system must make the process as effortless as possible.

We also looked to include models which sported a stylish design, such as the BeerDroid by BrewArt,which would be an attractive addition to any kitchen decor. So attractiveness of the unit and size played a large part, as casual brewers would most likely place the system on their counter top. Price also played a part. In the long run brewing your own, premium quality beer can save you much. According to Food and Wine, depending on where you live, a case of beer can run you anywhere from $14 to $21 dollars, more if it’s an expensive import or craft beer brand.

US International Variety beer club review

US International Variety Beer Club Review

The world is experiencing a craft beer revolution of sorts. In fact, as of 2017, The Brewers Journal released a survey which stated the there were over 19,000 breweries in the world, coming out of a total of 209 countries. If the thought of getting a taste of a unique, international craft beer appeals to you, then you might find the International Beer Club to your liking. As a member of this club, you’ll have access to singular, hard to find microbrews from small brewers who received personal visits from the clubs panel of expert brewmasters.

Futhermore, it’s no secret, that exploration is at the heart of what makes us what we are, whether its to explore our galaxy, or to find that new, sensational craft brew from afar. As a member of the International Beer Club, you’ll be able to enjoy first hand, the hearty, savory and crisp taste of beers from Germany, Lebanon, England, Japan, Belgium and more. The International Beer Club wants to make each membership an “experience”, and has done so since 1994. They’re passionate about the beers they select and serve you, and this passion is the driving force which motivates their selections.


How This Beer Club Works

For just $37.95 per month, $15 shipping and handling, you can enjoy a wonderful, thirst quenching sampling of some of the best, international beers available. Each direct shipment includes twelve, 12 ounce hand-selected craft brews chosen by their panel of professional brewmasters. All together, you’ll receive two different styles of beer, and six beers of each style. You’ll also receive their Monthly Newletter, “Malt of the Earth”, which has information on the breweries, beers, tasting notes and interesting recipies to match each selection. Not only that, but you also get a free bartender’s bottle opener on any order that contains more than 3 shipments. Shipments can be delivered every month, every other month or quarterly. As an added perk, you can re-order any beer that attracts your attention as long as supplies last.

You may also customize your membership if you’d like. When you sign up they’ll begin by asking if this is a gift, and if so, alert you to the fact that you can send a customized gift announcement. This gift announcement can be sent via email, or you can print out a hard copy and present it face to face. Next, you can choose the number of shipments to receive or give, and when you want the membership to start. As for payment, well you can elect to pay for it all in one installment or per shipment.

2019 Coupon Codes

Don’t forget to add your coupon codes when you sign up for your membership. When you are in the process of joining, don’t forget to visit their coupon code page and enter the code that fits your purchase:

  • 5BEEER – Take $5 off of any order
  • 15BEER – Save $15 off any order when you pay for your membership in one installment. Good for 6 month plus orders only.
  • 25BEER – For orders of 12 months, use this code to save $25 off your order.

Simply enter the promotional code in the box next to your purchase total and click the “Apply Coupon” button, and you’re good to go!


Design Your Own Beer Club

The Beer of the Month Club is host to a total of 5 beer clubs, and they offer you the unique option to mix it up a bit. This means that you can combine any of these beer of the month clubs with one another. The other beer clubs include:

  • The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club
  • The U.S. and International Variety Beer Club
  • The Rare Beer Club
  • The Hops-Head Beer Club

When you get to the Design Your Own Club page, you can mix your International Beer Club shipment with any of the above clubs. For instance, your first shipment may be the International Beer Club, your second the Rare Beer Club, the third the Hops-Head Beer Club, and so on.


Beer Styles Included

Once you’ve signed up for your membership, the International Beer Club brewmasters take it from there. These are the folks that do the traveling for you. Understand that no craft beer is simply removed from a shelf in some corner store. Instead, these esteemed brewmasters attend beer festivals, shows, and meet personally with each and every brewmaster of the international breweries they visit. Below we’ve included a very small sampling of the beers previously offered.

Old Speckled Hen

Ingredients of this fine, medium-bodied English red ale include Pipkin pale malt, bittering hops, and brewers sugar. Brewered by Morland Brewery, this beer pours a clear, dark reddish color and gives off a solid, malty aroma, and a sweet taste of toffee and caramel. The hop blend includes Challenger, Goldings, First Gold, and Pilgrim. This mildly bitter ale is smooth and quite enjoyable.

Czech Rebel

Měšťanský Pivovar Havlíčkův Brod is responsible for crafting this spicy, clear golden lager. This brewery uses ages old, traditional methods of creating Czech Rebel, which should alone encourage you to appreciate and enjoy this beer. Offering a scent of malt, this earthy beverage provides you with a subtle sweetness and perhaps, a gentle bitterness provided by the hops.

Black Boss Porter

This savory and robust Baltic porter style beer holds 9.4 percent alcohol, so expect a bit more of a punch which this one. This brew pours a nice, dark mahogany, with a nutty aroma reminiscent of almonds, chocolate and malts. This medium-bodied beer gives a flavor of sweet chocolate, a hint of coffee and delicate praline. This beer is considered to be a favorite of many, delicious and satisfying.


How Beers Are Selected / Curated Each Month

This beer club does not cut corners when it comes to offering you the tastiest brews from across the globe. Indeed, their panel of expert brewmasters have over 100 years of professional experience between them, and each year test over 500 craft brews. In this testing, only about 20 percent or less will make it into your shipment, that’s how much they care about their reputation, and the beers they share with you.

In order to find these unique, one of a kind taste sensations, they put on their travel boots and go directly to the brewery itself. In the process the get to know the brewers personally, which not only enriches the club, but ensures that whatever beer is chosen will be brewed then and there, in small batches, just for your shipment. If there’s a delicious brew somewhere in the corner of the world, they’ll go and find it for you. You club membership also includes seasonal brews that only see the light of day during specific times of the year, when the ingredients for those beers are the freshest.


Shipping Information

For the individual beer lover having these international beers shipped to you from their source is not as simple as it seems. By joining the International Beer Club, you’ll be able to have access to beers from afar in a cost effective and simple way, with them handling all the shipping hassles for you. When you join this club, you’ll pay $15 shipping and handling. After which they’ll be carefully packed and direct shipped to your doorstep. As this is a alcoholic beverage you’ll be required to have someone 21 or over sign for it. If you don’t have this option, then arrange for a neighbor to sign for it or have it sent to your workplace.


Changes, Returns & Guarantees

The international Beer Club takes their passion for international craft beer seriously, and to prove it, they offer you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on your shipments. All of this is backed by their superior customer service staff, who are there to assist you every step of the way should you find something amiss with any of your shipments. If anything is wrong with any shipment, they’ll give you a full refund.



If you’re looking for the best beer club of the month, then you’d be hard pressed to find one that caters to it’s members with as much passion, dedication and diligence. The International Beer of the Month Club definitely exceeds the expectations of even the most seasoned microbrew lover. Having international beer directly shipped to your door is not as simple as you might think, there’s often exists some red tape depending on which state you reside, and they do their best to cut through some of that tape so you can experience these delectable, hearty brews from around the world.

Beer Clubs Shipping Info

Beer Of The Month Clubs - Shipping Information

Currently in America, all 50 states allow beer production. However, when it comes to shipping alcoholic beverages, that’s where things can get a little confusing. The 21st Amendment made shipping and handling of alcoholic beverages a state affair. As such, each state has it’s own set of rules and regulations guiding such activities. Lets face it, alcohol isn’t a Twinkie, and is considered by many a substance which should be tightly controlled, and this affects each states shipping decisions. Currently, there are some states which will allow alcohol shipments to enter and leave the state, while other states will only allow alcohol deliveries from within the state. If that’s enough, there are some that allow beers to be sent out of state, but not within state. We’re going to do the very best when it comes to demystifying this issue, clearing the cobwebs and providing definitive answers as it concerns beer shipments and beer of the month clubs.


Beer of the Month Clubs and Shipping

Beer of the Month Clubs must navigate a twisting road when it comes to shipping brews. Sadly for many beer lovers there are still states which have archaic regulations regarding this. Individuals who live in dry counties or in states which simply do not allow beer to be shipped to their doors lack access to beer of the month club memberships. For instance, the states of Alabama, Utah, and Oklahoma will not allow beer to be delivered to your door. To help cut through all of the confusion, we’ve outlined several states and what beer clubs work with what state:



While Montana’s Code 16-4-1101 only references that wine requires a direct shipment endorsement, beer clubs find the act of simply getting beer to a residence in Montana to be difficult due to the few interstates. So, only two clubs ship there:

  • Clubs Of America’s Beer Club
  • The Craft Beer



Shipping beer to a residence in Alabama is specifically prohibited under Code §28-1-4 which states:

“…It shall be unlawful for common or permit carriers, operators of trucks, buses or other conveyances or out-of-state manufacturers or suppliers to make delivery of any alcoholic beverage from without the state of Alabama to any person, association or corporation within the state, except to the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board…”

However, an individual can order beer from the following clubs if they procure permission for direct shipment from the Alabama Beverage Control Board.

  • Clubs Of America’s Beer Club
  • The Craft Beer Club



While prohibition ended in 1933, Kentucky still has not overhauled their state statutes, as exhibited by Ky. Rev. Stat. §244.165:

“(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, it shall be unlawful for any person in the business of selling alcoholic beverages in another state or country to ship or cause to be shipped any alcoholic beverage directly to any Kentucky resident who does not hold a valid wholesaler or distributor license issued by the commonwealth of Kentucky.”

  • Clubs Of America’s Beer Club
  • The Craft Beer Club



While they allow direct shipment to residences, not many beer clubs will ship to Hawaii due to the expenses involved. But here are two that will:

  • Clubs Of America’s Beer Club
  • The Craft Beer Club



This is the same as Hawaii. If you note that your selected beer club won’t ship to residences there, it’s because of the high cost of shipping.

  • Clubs Of America’s Beer Club
  • The Craft Beer Club



Like Kentucky, Utah hasn’t really revised it’s state statutes regarding the direct shipment of alcoholic beverages as you can see by the Utah Code Ann. §32B-4-401:

“It is unlawful for a person in the business of selling liquor, a manufacturer, a supplier, an importer of liquor, or staff of the person, manufacturer, supplier, or importer to sell, ship, transport, or cause to be sold, shipped, or transported liquor from an out-of-state location directly or indirectly into this state…”

  • Clubs Of America’s Beer Club
  • The Craft Beer Club



Minnesota is one of those states that have relaxed it’s grip a bit with regards to beer shipments.

  • Clubs Of America’s Beer Club
  • The Craft Beer Club
  • The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club
  • The Rare Beer Club
  • The Hop Heads Beer Club
  • The International Beer Club



We’re happy to announce that Pennsylvania’s beer laws which restricted direct shipments to residences has been seen as unconstitutional. So, we’re including Pennsylvania on this list, specifically for those who had no idea, and can no be free to join a beer of the month club of their choice!

  • Clubs Of America’s Beer Club
  • The Craft Beer Club
  • The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club
  • The Rare Beer Club
  • The Hop Heads Beer Club
  • The International Beer Club


Basics of Shipping Beer

When it comes to shipping beer, only a licensed wholesaler can distribute it, and only a licensed retailer can sell it. The United States Postal Service does not allow alcohol to be shipped, but if you’re a licensed wholesaler you can sign a shipping contract with a carrier such as FedEx and UPS. These carriers will obey the individual state statutes and furthermore insist that only adults over the age of 21 sign for the product. If you’re into creating craft brews yourself or interesting in starting your own beer of the month club, then it may be a good idea to peruse The Compliant Bootlegger’s site to see how they can assist you.

If you are still confused regarding your own states beer shipment restrictions, then we suggest you start here, where you can learn about your own states particular statutes regarding direct shipment of beer to residential addresses. Keep in mind that when you do so, that there are often different restrictions governing both beer and wine deliveries, so when you examine your states statutes, look for those that specifically state wine, as those restrictions do not cover beer deliveries.

Hop Heads IPA Beer Of The Month Club

Hop Heads IPA Beer Club

Civilization had enjoyed the rich, savory flavor of beer for around 8000 years before brewers decided to add a little, cone shaped flower to their recipes: Hops. In fact, their first appearance in beer was in 822 AD, in Picardy, France, and most of the beers you’ll find on the market today have had hops added as flavoring. Hops are what provides your favorite brew with it’s bitter taste. Brewers are keen to utilize the various types of hops in their blends, which help to produce each beers unique flavor. When you read craft beer reviews, you’ll often note that connoisseurs of brew will mention the presence of hops in both the beers aroma and/or taste. Hops are actually part of the cannabis family of plants, and come in many different varieties which are then used for aroma and others for flavor. For instance, Noble hops are those from Europe and have a low bitterness level, yet impart a potent scent. These are the hops you’ll find most in lagers crafted overseas. If you’re new to beer, simply grab an IPA, and you’ll get a good idea of the taste and aroma hops give beer.


How This Beer Club Works

As you can probably guess, this is a beer of the month club devoted to those who love the delicious taste of hops. A membership to the Hop-Heads Beer Club gives you access to a nice variety of styles which we’ll tell you about a little later. Each shipment will contain twelve 12 ounce hoppy brews from U.S. and International indie breweries. When you open the box, you’ll see four bottles/cans of 3 different brews. You or your gift recipient will also get their “Malt of the Earth” newsletter, which includes tasting notes, information on selected breweries and brews themselves.

Joining their Hop-Heads Beer Club is quite easy. First, they’ll ask if this is a gift or not. If it is a gift, you have the option to send a Gift Announcement. Next, you select the number of shipments to be delivered, and the month your deliveries are to begin. At the time of this writing, the Hop Heads IPA club charges $33.95 per month, with $15.00 shipping and handling. Your shipments can be monthly, every other month or every three months, with payment completed in a one time installment or per shipment.


What Customers Are Saying…

To give you an idea of how people feel about the Hop-Heads Beer Club, we’ve taken the liberty to lift a few of their reviews from their official website.

The beers were excellent, I do enjoy the double IPAs and there hoppy taste. KEEP THEM COMING!
-Steve 09/29/18

Something to look forward to. My friends loved it and was excited to get their shipment every month. I’d also get a picture of happy guys every month 🙂
-Alexandra 09/28/18

He loved it!!! So glad you had a package option for just IPAs as that’s what my boyfriend (and I) love the most.
-Tara 09/28/18


Design Your Own Beer Club

Hop Heads IPA Club is just one club that belongs to the family of beer of the month clubs. Other beer clubs include:

  • The Rare Beer Club
  • The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club
  • The International Beer Club
  • The International Variety Beer Club

When you elect to decide to combine your Hops Head IPA Club with others, you’ll end up with with a customized shipment. Say you select the Hops Head IPA Club, U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club and U.S. International Variety Beer Club. You or your gift recipient can receive your Hops Head IPA Club for your first shipment, the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club for the second and U.S. International Variety Beer Club for your third.


Recent Beer Styles Included

Since this club is devoted specifically to hops varieties, you can expect to enjoy an assortment of IPA’s, Session IPAs, IPLs, Imperial IPLs, Double IPAs, red ales, and many more. The majority of the brews you’ll experience will come from U.S. breweries, but a few imports will creep in from time to time, imports from international, independent breweries that specialize in brewing up craft beers especially for you.

First Kiss

This Imperial IPA brewed by 3 Sheeps Brewing Company is a very popular craft brew. Fans favor it’s one of a kind taste as the subtle sweetness of honey gently mixes with the bitterness of hops, giving an overall flavor of caramel for some.

HopJack IPA

HopJack is brought to you by Blackstone Brewing Company in Nashville Tennessee. This is a medium-bodied, lean brew with a taste of citrus rounded out by the flavor of caramel, that pours into a nice, clear golden color with a gentle, sweet hop aroma.

Lionshead IPA

Crafted in Wiles-Barre, Pennsylvania, by Lion Brewery, this IPA pours a nice bronze color, which gives way to a thick, 1 inch head with substantial lacing. This medium-bodied brew gives off an aroma of rich, caramel malts. Taste-wise, not too heavy on the hops, perhaps a hint of citrus/herb.


How Beers Are Selected / Curated Each Month

Hop Heads IPA Club takes it’s beer selection seriously. So much so, that they indulge in a strict, 5 point selection process that is controlled by quality only. All of the brews you’ll be experiencing with each shipment have been scrupulously tested by a panel of professional brewmasters, so you only get the best of the best. Each one of their experts travel to where each brew is crafted, they just don’t grab them from off the shelf of a local store. They attend beer festivals as well as meets with brewers and rate over 500 craft brews each year.

Meeting with brewmasters of independent breweries means that arrangements will be made so you’ll experience craft beers which have been brewed just for this club. If you like these beers or any other in your shipment, realize that you can order more for yourself as long as supplies last! One final benefit of their strict, selection process is the chance to taste limited production seasonal brews, and do so throughout the entire year! Flavorful brews such as spiced winter ales can be made available for tasting in spring, summer or fall!


Shipping Information

First things first. As these are alcoholic beverages you must be 21 to join. This means that when the delivery arrives it must be signed for by an individual who is 21 or over. You can consider having your shipment delivered to your work place, or have an adult neighbor sign for it.

While many people join these clubs for their own benefit, others find them the perfect ‘gift that keeps on giving’. If this is a gift, then you have the option to schedule a gift announcement. This announcement can be in the form of an email, or printed out and presented in person. If you elect to perform the second, keep in mind that you can also print it out on specialty paper and have it framed as well!


Coupon Codes

When you visit their website, it’s not a bad idea to check out their Beer of the Month Club coupon codes for 2019. Don’t miss out! Check below for a sampling of their 2019 codes.

  • 5BEER – You can save $5 on any order
  • 15BEER – This coupon code allows you to save $15 when you make your payment in one installment for orders lasting 6 months or more
  • 25BEER – Here, you can save $25 on orders 12 months or more when you pay in one installment
  • Facebook Like – Like them on Facebook and receive $5 off of your first order.


Changes, Returns & Guarantees

The Hop Heads IPA Club not only offers you the very best in hops brews, but stands behind their choices by providing a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on each and every shipment you receive. They admit to taking pride in their accomplishments and are determined to back it up by standing by their customers needs, wants and expectations. Once you sign up for their Hop Heads IPA Club, know that they’ll be the ones doing the legwork for you, to scope out, locate and test the best craft IPA’s. If every you find something amiss in your shipment, you are encouraged to contact their customer service as quickly as possible, where they’ll resolve the issue for you.



The Hop Heads Beer of the Month Club is the perfect gift solution for that special beer lover on your list, especially if they live in an area where there is not much of a selection of delicious craft brews. With their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, supportive, knowledgeable and helpful customer service staff, along with a fabulous, time tested product, you simply can’t go wrong here. An excellent value for the money, as well as a gift that will keep on giving during the membership period. Also remember that you can continue to order any of these beers while their in stock. Enjoy the robust, flavorful experience that only Hop Heads Beer Club can provide!

Great Clubs – Beer of the Month Club

Great Clubs Beer of the Month Club

Great Clubs has operated their Beer of the Month Club for over 24 years, supplying exceptional, delicious and unique brews to fans of exquisitely crafted microbrews. Featured in such fine publications such as USA Today, and television shows such as Good Morning America, this club is one of the most trusted and established beer clubs in the States. Founded in 1994 by two brothers with a desire to spread the goodness of domestic craft brews throughout the country, it’s had hundred of thousands of happy members, and made over 3 million shipments throughout the U.S.

This Beer of the Month Club is absolutely perfect for those who live in areas which do not have access to many different brands of craft beers, but yearn to experiment with the variety of styles from different domestic breweries. In other words, no need for a pub crawl through your city, when you can just sit back and wait for the best craft brews in America to be dropped off at your door. They also have an option where you can mix your beer club with any of their 8 other beer club of the month offerings.


How This Beer Club Works

When you join this Beer of the Month Club from Great Clubs, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the freshest, most thirst quenching brews available from the finest, small indie breweries in America. Currently, the price is $42.95 per month and all shipments come with free shipping with no minimum shipment requirement. When you receive your delivery, your package will contain 12 unique, crisp, craft brews from two American independent breweries, with 4 different styles, all delivered in 12 ounce bottles. Shipments also contain the Beer Expeditions Newsletter subscription. This is a one sheet newsletter that is designed to enlighten you about the beers in your shipment, brewery history, and other valuable and fun tidbits of information.

Known as one of the most flexible beer clubs online, they offer you the ability to customize how long you wish to receive shipments. When you join the club, you’ll be able to select 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 months. If you select the 12 month subscription length, you’ll automatically have $50 taken off your membership price. You can also decide to pay in monthly installments, or pay for everything in one payment. Next, they’ll ask if you’d like to have your deliveries shipped every 2 or 3 months. Finally, you decide when the membership will begin. You may also reorder some of the beers you liked at a discount, and do so as long as supplies last. There is also an additional discount if you order any of the beers in bulk. If this is a gift, they’ll include a personalized gift announcement to the recipient for you. If you’d prefer, you have the option to print the gift announcement out on good quality, specialty paper, and have it framed for the perfect presentation.


Example Beer Styles Included

All of the beer you’ll receive are brewed just for the members of the Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club by the best, small indie microbreweries in America. You’ll get a nice sampling of various breweries and their brews, all of which have been hand selected by expert brew masters, nothing is pulled from shelves, or simply ordered from warehouses. To be honest, their website does not give away too much information how exactly who selects the beers, but promises that they are experts in their field and the selection process rigorous. You’ll likely receive high quality stouts, lagers, and amber ales to name but a few styles. This beer club is not known to go too eccentric with their beer styles, so if you aren’t into getting some odd mix of brews that would not suit your palates liking, this is the beer club for you. In order to give you an inkling of what you’ll receive, we’ve included a few examples from past shipments below.

Great Divide

Great Divide is an English style, pale ale beer brewed by the Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver Colorado. This popular award winning craft beer pours a nice amber, and goes down as a smooth brew with a savory taste, and bitter hop finish. Aroma is reminiscent of a blend of sweet malts and gentle floral hints.

Butte Creek Winter Ale

Brewed by the Butte Creek Brewing Company in Ukiah, California. This full bodied brown ale is the perfect choice for the chill of the holidays. Pours a dark, warm mahogany brown with a gentle aroma of chocolate and port. Smooth flavor of caramel, roasted nuts and chocolate.

Nimbus Red Ale

This is an exceptional medium bodied brew that pours a rich amber color leaving a healthy, large frothy head. The aroma can be compared to a blend of toffee, caramel and light hops, with a sweet caramel malt flavor. This amber ale is brewed by Nimbus Brewing Company, Tucson, Arizona.


Shipping Information

Unless you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada or Utah, you’ll find that shipping is free withing the Continental U.S. and District of Columbia. All beer is packaged in tough, durable packing material to eliminate the off chance of breakage during delivery. Also, as these are alcoholic beverages, only those aged 21 and above can obtain a membership. This means that you must have an adult sign for the delivery or it will go back to the carrier. To eliminate this potential hassle, just have it delivered to your work place or have an adult neighbor sign off on it. Your shipment will reach its destination during the third of fourth week of the month.


Changes, Returns & Guarantees

Clubs of America’s Beer of the Month Club has a 100 percent satisfaction Happiness Guarantee. They believe that “You have the right to expect that your gift will arrive at its destination on time, in perfect condition, in the months you specified-no surprises.” This means that if for any reason, you’re unhappy with your delivery, contact them immediately and they’ll work to rectify the issue or give you a full refund. As for restrictions, there is no monthly minimum nor any restrictions on your orders.



If you’re looking for a beer of the month club that will offer you a selection of sound and solid beers, without anything too frilly or exotic, then this is the club for you. Shipping is free, and customer satisfaction is backed by their Happiness Guarantee, which states that if for any reason you are unhappy with their shipment, contact their helpful and friendly customer service staff and they’ll do their best to resolve the issue or give you a full refund. Overall, a great beer club for those looking to experience excellent domestic craft brews from around the country in a convenient and inexpensive way.

Micro Beer High End Club Review

Micro Beer Club High End Beer Club

Did you know that in ancient Egypt, beer was used as both payment for services rendered as well as for medicinal purposes? Well, it’s true. According to the lore of ancient Egypt, the god Osiris invented brewing, and as a result, beer or heqet, as they called it, has come to be known as the drink of the gods. Wine still held the crown for being the most popular drink for wealthy Egyptians, whereas beer was a drink brewed by women for poor Egyptians to enjoy. Today, beer is enjoyed by people all over the world, with many savoring the taste of unique craft beers via beer of the month clubs, such as the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club.

Established in 1994, the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club is one of the first and best of the craft beer clubs, and gives you the best craft beers from America’s top, best brewers. So, if you or someone special are into craft beers, then securing a membership with this beer club means you’re well on your way to having the absolute best American made craft beers from well-known independent breweries, directly shipped to your home. Enjoy the great variety of crisp, savory and delicious craft beers such as American Porters, ales and IPA’s, stouts, lagers and pilsners. Indulge yourself, explore and be delighted by the flavorful brews America’s best brewmasters have to offer.


How This Beer Club Works

You’re membership means that you’ll receive twelve, 12 ounce craft beers each month, four different styles, with three of each style. Your selection will contain brews from two different U.S. Microbreweries. Currently, this club costs $27.95 per month, with $15.00 shipping and handling. Each shipment will include a copy of their monthly newsletter which includes tasting notes, food pairing hints, and profiles of the included beers and breweries. Also, you get a free bartenders bottle openers if you order 3 or more shipments.

The U.S. Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club makes it super easy to sign up. Just visit their easy to use website to begin the process. First, they’ll ask you if you’d like your purchase to be for yourself or a gift, how many shipments you want to order, and when you want those shipments to begin. You can then elect to pay for your entire membership at once, or piecemeal going shipment by shipment.

Coupon Codes

When you visit their website, it’s not a bad idea to check out their Beer of the Month Club coupon codes for 2019. Don’t miss out! Check below for a sampling of their 2019 codes.

  • 5BEER – This coupon code saves you $5 on any order
  • 15BEER – Here, you save $15 when you pay for your membership in one installment, only for orders 6 months or more
  • 25BEER – Save $25 on orders 12 months or more, when paid for in one installment
  • Facebook Like – Pass them a ‘Like’ on Facebook and get $5 off of your first order.


Design Your Own Beer Club

Believe it or not, you can actually mix things up a bit for you or that special someone by designing your own beer club. Here, you can combine any of the 5 beer clubs with the Microbrewed club. The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club is just one club that belongs to the family of beer of the month clubs. Other beer clubs include:

  • The International Beer Club
  • The U.S. and International Variety Beer Club
  • The Rare Beer Club
  • The Hops-Head Beer Club

When you elect to decide to combine your U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club with any of the above clubs, and you’ll recieve a customized shipment. For example, you could add the Hops Head IPA Club, the Rare Beer Club and the International Beer Club to your membership. This means that You or the gift recipient may receive the Rare Beer Club for your first shipment, the Hops-Head Beer Club for the second and U.S. International Variety Beer Club for your third.


Recent Beer Styles Included

When you visit their website, you’ll see a small sampling of the brews they’ve delivered in the past. These will include fresh, crisp seasonal offerings such as summer ales, Oktoberfest lagers and beers made to warm and delight your palette during the winter holidays. Not only that, but did you know that the brews you receive have been brewed to order just for this club, to ensure you get the freshest brews possible. Always remember, that if you enjoy one or more of these fine, craft beers that you can re-order them as long as supplies last.

Night Rain
Night Rain by O’so pours as a savory dark, opaque, medium bodied brew with a light, beige, gently laced head. Taste wise, you’ll first notice the creamy taste of smooth chocolate with a hint of caramel. The aroma is one of sweet vanilla blended with chocolate.

Cashmere Hammer Nitro Rye Stout
The first thing you may notice, is the delicate, dark chocolate aroma with a tough of coffee. This brew pours dark, leaving a slightly laced, tan head. Flavor-wise, you’ll notice the taste of roasted malts, topped off with a some earthy bitterness. This is a smooth, easygoing brew, tasty and desirable.

Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Brewed by Sand Creek Brewing Company, this sweet stout received the World Beer Cup gold medal in 2000. For fans of oatmeal stouts, you’ll find that this is the ultimate representative of this variety. This stout pours dark, and produces a potent aroma which is reminiscent of oatmeal, chocolate and hints of caramel. It’s full body and clean finish make it a good choice for the winter months.


How Beers Are Selected / Curated Each Month

When the U.S. Microbrewer’s Beer club begins to select beers for your enjoyment, the take this very seriously. So serious, that they try over 500 beers from established, independent microbreweries every year so the quality they promise is the quality they deliver. In truth, out of all those 500 beers tried, less than 20 percent make it into the beer club. Their esteemed panel of expert brewmasters have over 100 years experience between them, and bring that experience to each and every brewery they visit. Once there, they work to build strong relationships with the brewmasters of each indie brewery in order to help them spread their delicious craft brews, helping them to extend their fame. Finally, know that when you join the U.S. Microbrew Beer of the Month Club, you’ll be first in line to experience the unique flavor of limited production, seasonal brews any time of the year.


Shipping Information

As previously stated, this beer of the month club is currently priced at $27.95 plus $15.00 shipping and handling. When you sign up, remember that you can schedule a gift announcement if this is for someone special. If you’d like to present the announcement yourself, it’s always nice to print it out on high quality, specialty paper, and perhaps have it framed for them, for the perfect personal touch.

As these are alcoholic beverages, it’s important that someone over 21 be present to sign for them, or the shipment will be taken back by the carrier. When filling out your shipping information, you may elect to have your beer delivered to your work place, or have an adult neighbor sign for it. Also, remember that if you’ll be moving anytime soon, make sure to contact them before the first of the month, as shipments are usually made the 20th or 25th of the month.


Changes, Returns & Guarantees

The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club is determined that each and every member receive the absolute best customer care that they can provide. This is why they have a 100 percent guarantee on their service. This means that if you are not happy with your shipment for whatever reason, you are entitled to a full refund. It’s a good idea to remember to snap a few pics if the reason is a damaged product, so they can help rectify the problem for yourself and others in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact them on their website via their chat service.



This is the best beer of the month club for those of you who don’t have access to craft beers in your area. These guys, they do the searching and tasting for you, so all you have to do is wait for your shipment and relish some delicious, refreshing cold craft beer. You can also re-order any beer that tickles your fancy, as long as the supplies last. All in all, for the current price of $27.95 per month, there’s no better way to experiment with the richness craft breweries in America have to offer.

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