US International Variety beer club review

US International Variety Beer Club Review

The world is experiencing a craft beer revolution of sorts. In fact, as of 2017, The Brewers Journal released a survey which stated the there were over 19,000 breweries in the world, coming out of a total of 209 countries. If the thought of getting a taste of a unique, international craft beer appeals to you, then you might find the International Beer Club to your liking. As a member of this club, you’ll have access to singular, hard to find microbrews from small brewers who received personal visits from the clubs panel of expert brewmasters.

Futhermore, it’s no secret, that exploration is at the heart of what makes us what we are, whether its to explore our galaxy, or to find that new, sensational craft brew from afar. As a member of the International Beer Club, you’ll be able to enjoy first hand, the hearty, savory and crisp taste of beers from Germany, Lebanon, England, Japan, Belgium and more. The International Beer Club wants to make each membership an “experience”, and has done so since 1994. They’re passionate about the beers they select and serve you, and this passion is the driving force which motivates their selections.


How This Beer Club Works

For just $37.95 per month, $15 shipping and handling, you can enjoy a wonderful, thirst quenching sampling of some of the best, international beers available. Each direct shipment includes twelve, 12 ounce hand-selected craft brews chosen by their panel of professional brewmasters. All together, you’ll receive two different styles of beer, and six beers of each style. You’ll also receive their Monthly Newletter, “Malt of the Earth”, which has information on the breweries, beers, tasting notes and interesting recipies to match each selection. Not only that, but you also get a free bartender’s bottle opener on any order that contains more than 3 shipments. Shipments can be delivered every month, every other month or quarterly. As an added perk, you can re-order any beer that attracts your attention as long as supplies last.

You may also customize your membership if you’d like. When you sign up they’ll begin by asking if this is a gift, and if so, alert you to the fact that you can send a customized gift announcement. This gift announcement can be sent via email, or you can print out a hard copy and present it face to face. Next, you can choose the number of shipments to receive or give, and when you want the membership to start. As for payment, well you can elect to pay for it all in one installment or per shipment.

2019 Coupon Codes

Don’t forget to add your coupon codes when you sign up for your membership. When you are in the process of joining, don’t forget to visit their coupon code page and enter the code that fits your purchase:

  • 5BEEER – Take $5 off of any order
  • 15BEER – Save $15 off any order when you pay for your membership in one installment. Good for 6 month plus orders only.
  • 25BEER – For orders of 12 months, use this code to save $25 off your order.

Simply enter the promotional code in the box next to your purchase total and click the “Apply Coupon” button, and you’re good to go!


Design Your Own Beer Club

The Beer of the Month Club is host to a total of 5 beer clubs, and they offer you the unique option to mix it up a bit. This means that you can combine any of these beer of the month clubs with one another. The other beer clubs include:

  • The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club
  • The U.S. and International Variety Beer Club
  • The Rare Beer Club
  • The Hops-Head Beer Club

When you get to the Design Your Own Club page, you can mix your International Beer Club shipment with any of the above clubs. For instance, your first shipment may be the International Beer Club, your second the Rare Beer Club, the third the Hops-Head Beer Club, and so on.


Beer Styles Included

Once you’ve signed up for your membership, the International Beer Club brewmasters take it from there. These are the folks that do the traveling for you. Understand that no craft beer is simply removed from a shelf in some corner store. Instead, these esteemed brewmasters attend beer festivals, shows, and meet personally with each and every brewmaster of the international breweries they visit. Below we’ve included a very small sampling of the beers previously offered.

Old Speckled Hen

Ingredients of this fine, medium-bodied English red ale include Pipkin pale malt, bittering hops, and brewers sugar. Brewered by Morland Brewery, this beer pours a clear, dark reddish color and gives off a solid, malty aroma, and a sweet taste of toffee and caramel. The hop blend includes Challenger, Goldings, First Gold, and Pilgrim. This mildly bitter ale is smooth and quite enjoyable.

Czech Rebel

Měšťanský Pivovar Havlíčkův Brod is responsible for crafting this spicy, clear golden lager. This brewery uses ages old, traditional methods of creating Czech Rebel, which should alone encourage you to appreciate and enjoy this beer. Offering a scent of malt, this earthy beverage provides you with a subtle sweetness and perhaps, a gentle bitterness provided by the hops.

Black Boss Porter

This savory and robust Baltic porter style beer holds 9.4 percent alcohol, so expect a bit more of a punch which this one. This brew pours a nice, dark mahogany, with a nutty aroma reminiscent of almonds, chocolate and malts. This medium-bodied beer gives a flavor of sweet chocolate, a hint of coffee and delicate praline. This beer is considered to be a favorite of many, delicious and satisfying.


How Beers Are Selected / Curated Each Month

This beer club does not cut corners when it comes to offering you the tastiest brews from across the globe. Indeed, their panel of expert brewmasters have over 100 years of professional experience between them, and each year test over 500 craft brews. In this testing, only about 20 percent or less will make it into your shipment, that’s how much they care about their reputation, and the beers they share with you.

In order to find these unique, one of a kind taste sensations, they put on their travel boots and go directly to the brewery itself. In the process the get to know the brewers personally, which not only enriches the club, but ensures that whatever beer is chosen will be brewed then and there, in small batches, just for your shipment. If there’s a delicious brew somewhere in the corner of the world, they’ll go and find it for you. You club membership also includes seasonal brews that only see the light of day during specific times of the year, when the ingredients for those beers are the freshest.


Shipping Information

For the individual beer lover having these international beers shipped to you from their source is not as simple as it seems. By joining the International Beer Club, you’ll be able to have access to beers from afar in a cost effective and simple way, with them handling all the shipping hassles for you. When you join this club, you’ll pay $15 shipping and handling. After which they’ll be carefully packed and direct shipped to your doorstep. As this is a alcoholic beverage you’ll be required to have someone 21 or over sign for it. If you don’t have this option, then arrange for a neighbor to sign for it or have it sent to your workplace.


Changes, Returns & Guarantees

The international Beer Club takes their passion for international craft beer seriously, and to prove it, they offer you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on your shipments. All of this is backed by their superior customer service staff, who are there to assist you every step of the way should you find something amiss with any of your shipments. If anything is wrong with any shipment, they’ll give you a full refund.



If you’re looking for the best beer club of the month, then you’d be hard pressed to find one that caters to it’s members with as much passion, dedication and diligence. The International Beer of the Month Club definitely exceeds the expectations of even the most seasoned microbrew lover. Having international beer directly shipped to your door is not as simple as you might think, there’s often exists some red tape depending on which state you reside, and they do their best to cut through some of that tape so you can experience these delectable, hearty brews from around the world.

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