Arkansas Home Brewing Laws


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 Activity Is it Legal?
HomeBrewing Yes
Transporting HomeBrew No
ABV Cap n/a
Production Per Year 100-200 gallons

**Production per year is generally governed by the United States government at 100 gallons per adult per year, or up to 200 gallons per year if their are 2 adults of drinking age living in the residence.


Relevant Statues

Ark. Stat. Ann. §3-5-205
(f) (1) However, any person in this state may manufacture home-brewed beer or home-manufactured wine:
(A) Upon his or her own premises free from the license fees and taxes provided in this subchapter;
(B) For consumption by the manufacturer and his or her family and guests, but not for sale; and
(C) In quantities per calendar year not to exceed: (i) 200 gallons if there are two or more adults in the household; or (ii) 100 gallons if there is only one adult in the household.

(2) While the manufacture of beer or wine is declared to be a privilege, the home manufacture of beer or wine in quantities not to exceed 200 gallons per calendar year shall be exempted from §§3-4-101, 3-4-602, 3-5-205(a)-(e), 3-5-206, and 3-5-211.

**While I strive to provide the most up to date and accurate information possible, the relevant statues I list here shouldn’t be considered a substitute for professional legal advice.

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