SRM Calculator

Estimate your brews color profile using the SRM calculator.

About The Calculator

The calculator uses the known grain color values assigned to the available grains,extracts and adjuncts and factors in the quantity of these ingredients to calculate the final beers approximate color profile.


Malt Color Units (MCU)
Using the known SRM values for our brews grains & extracts, We can use the below formula to get an approximation of the beers final color profile.

MCU = (grain_color * grain_weight_lbs)/volume_gallons

While the MCU formula is fairly accurate with lighter colored beers (ie – lower SRM
values) it becomes increasingly innacurate for any beers with an SRM of 10 or higher.

Example: Using 3 lbs of Brumalt in a 5.5 gallon volume batch – Find the beers MCU value.
MCU = (23 * 3) / 5.5 = 12.55
The Morey Equation
As we mentioned earlier, MCU isn’t the most accurate calculation we can use to find our beers SRM beer color. In fact most homebrewing software now uses the Morey equation to calculate a more accurate number for the beers SRM color.

SRM_Color = 1.4922 * [MCU ^ 0.6859]

Example: Using the Calculated MCU from our previous equation, Find the beers SRM color.
SRM = 1.4922 * (12.54 ^ .6859) = 8.46


The current release of the STTP SRM calculator doesn’t allow for EBC input quite yet, but you can use the following equation to convert the SRM values as needed.

EBC = SRM x 1.970
SRM = EBC x 0.508

An easy way to remember this calculation if you aren’t worried about it being 100% accurate the EBC value will be nearly double what it’s SRM value was and SRM will be 50% of the EBC value.

Example: Using the SRM value(8.46) – Convert to EBC.
EBC = 8.46 x 1.970 = 16.66


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