Specific Gravity, Brix & Plato Conversion Calculators

The following conversion calculator and the conversion table at the end of this post do not incorporate refractometer conversion factor. If you are using a refractometer, you can apply this factor manually using the formula detailed below, or consider checking out the STTP refractometer calculator, which will apply the required changes automatically.



About The Calculator


Specific Gravity to Brix Formula

Brix = (((182.4601 * SG -775.6821) * SG +1262.7794) * SG -669.5622)


Specific Gravity to Plato Formula

Plato = (-1 * 616.868) + (1111.14 * SG) – (630.272 * SG^2) + (135.997 * SG^3)


Plato to Specific Gravity Formula

SG = 1+ (PLATO / (258.6 – ( (PLATO/258.2) *227.1) ) )


Brix to Specific Gravity Formula

= (BRIX / (258.6-((BRIX / 258.2)*227.1))) + 1



Refractometer Conversion Factor

What’s a refractometer conversion factor?

A refractometer doesn’t actually report your worts Brix or Plato value directly, instead it simply measures the refractive index of your worts solution. It then applies that RI value to a Brix scale, for a solution of sucrose. The problem is that wort isn’t a purely sucrose solution. The conversion factor is used to correct the Brix Scale value reported to the actual Brix/Plato value of your wort.

It should be noted that degrees Plato, Balling & Brix values, for all practical purposes are nearly identical. (up to 3 places after the decimal point). The following conversion formula can be applied as either Brix>Plato or Brix>Actual Brix.

Actual Brix = Brix / 1.04
     Plato = Brix / 1.04


**The calculator and the following conversion chart assumes that you have already applied your refractometer conversion factor to your brix/plato values. If you are using a refractometer, check-out the refractometer calculator for more accurate results!




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You can download the excel calculator and conversion chart  HERE.


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