MicroBrewed Rare Beer Club Review

MicroBrewed Rare Beer Club

The Rare Beer Club founder, Michael Jackson, aka the “Beer Hunter”, laid the foundation for one of the most celebrated beer clubs ever. Known during his time, as the world’s leading authority on beer, his life revolved around everything beer. He went to great lengths to personally meet up with brewers, becoming familiar with various brewing techniques and developing into the world’s most knowledgeable expert on beer history.

Today, the Rare Beer Club holds strong on it’s mission to provide you with the most unique brews available in the world. These are limited-release craft beers that you’d be hard pressed to find in America, let alone your store shelves, such as Alesong’s Raspberry Gose, and Upright Brewing’s August IPA, to name a few. If you take a liking to any of these unique beers, you are free to place an order for more, and keep doing so as long as supplies last.

A rare beer is defined as one that is brewed in small batches, and with limited distribution. They may also include brews from breweries which produce excellent craft beer, but are not well known to the outside world. These delicious and impressive beers are created using various technologies and a greater variety of ingredients than beer you’d find on the shelf of a supermarket, and these are just the type of cold, thirst-quenching brews you’ll come to know through the Rare Beer Club.


How This Beer Club Works

The Microbrewed Rare Beer of the Month Club’s membership is rather straightforward. According to their website, your membership includes two, four or six, 750 ml bottles, two different craft beer styles. Then, you get one, two or three bottles from each featured brewery.

You also receive a copy of their monthly newsletter. This newsletter contains tasting notes, along with food pairings, histories of featured domestic and international breweries and beers. Once you receive 3 full shipments, you’ll get a complimentary bartenders bottle opener.

When it comes time for you to checkout, they give you the option to customize your order. For instance, is this to be sent as a gift or not? Next they ask how many bottles you’d like in your shipment:

  • 2 bottles for $37.95 a month, $14.00 shipping and handling
  • 4 bottles for $55.95 a month, $16.00 shipping and handling
  • 6 bottles for $72.95 a month, $19.00 shipping and handling

Finally, you select how many shipments to receive and whether to receive them monthly every other month or every three months. Finally, you choose how you’d like to pay: One installment or per shipment. It’s quite evident from the above that you have pretty much control over what it is you receive and when you receive it.


Beer Styles Included

The Rare Beer of the Month Club believes that their members should experience the greatest variety of beers the world has to offer. This means that they not only vary your order by style, but also country of origin. As such, you’ll receive domestic craft brews from your native America, as well as influential international breweries from Scandinavia, Japan, and Germany among others. No matter, rest assured that only the best beers will cross your table.

Each and every refreshing, flavorful craft beer is shipped to you in 750 ml bottles. Many of these bottles are sealed with cork and come to you wire-caged. A good lot of these beers have never set foot in the U.S. marketplace, which means you get to be among the first to taste them. Not only that, but there are beers included in your shipment, such as Jolly Pumpkin’s Lupulo de Hielo, which are brewed only for club members.

You’ll also be the recipient of Imperial or Extreme beers on occasion. When a beer is marked as ‘Imperial’, it tells you that this is the luxury beer, the diamond in the crown. These beers are known for their big and bold tastes, no matter what the style. This is generally accomplished by doubling or tripling the amount of hops and malts. But be warned, Imperial beers, or extreme beers are tough, and due to their high alcohol content, one or two is usually enough.

If all of that isn’t enough, just wait because there’s one thing more. The Rare Beer of the Month Club also offers you selections that are able to be aged. This is due to the high hop acidity and ABV’s. So, if you like your beer aged to your specifications, you can order your favorite beers, and age them for months or years, if you’d like.


How Beers Are Selected / Curated Each Month

The key to the long standing success of the Rare Beer of the Month Club lies in the selection process. Each beer has been carefully hand-picked by a panel of expert brew masters. Between them, these masters of the brew have acquired a total of over 100 years of beer brewing experience. They are passionate about beer, and they transfer this passion on to you.

During this selection process, over 500 creatively brewed, craft beers per year are tested, with only 20 percent or less making the cut. Each brew is examined for flavor, aroma, body, balance, mouthfeel, finish and appearance. When these experts seek out their ultimate beers, they don’t order them from online. Instead, they travel to the breweries themselves, get to know that brewers, hone solid relationships all the while searching for that perfect brewed beverages to add to your shipment.

The strong bonds which are formed between their panelists and the brew masters mean you’ll be privy to the most individual, one of a kind, exclusive brews they have to offer. These brew masters realize that their success depends on pleasing the palate of the beer aficionado, so they do their best to give you their best.


Shipping Information

One thing that differentiates the Rare Beer Club from other beer clubs you may encounter, is its very own, trademarked, Personalized Shipment Program. This program guarantees that as a member of this club, you won’t receive any beers you don’t want. This also stands for those shipments which are meant as gifts, as long as you make the special request. Every month, you’ll be sent an email stating two beer selections, and have the option to customize your order.

This ability to customize your shipment means that you can add more of the featured beer, or add some of your favorites from a past shipment. You can also elect to not receive one of the beers. Finally, if you see nothing that matches your taste, you can just skip that shipment altogether. As you can see, The Rare Beer of the Month Club puts you in the drivers seat, as it were. You have control over the selections. It’s this Personalized Shipment Program that makes this the most accommodating beer of the month club out there.


Changes, Returns & Guarantees

The Microbrewed Rare Beer of the Month Club offers you the best of the best, and stand behind their claims. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your shipment, they will replace your shipment or give you a refund. In fact, this club is known as having an excellent service record, due to it’s responsive, friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff. So, if you find anything is out of place, simply place a call, or open up a live chat and speak with a representative. It’s that simple.


Final Thoughts

What Michael Jackson started many years ago, is being cultivated and cared for by Kris Calef, the owner of MonthlyClubs.com. The Rare Beer of the Month Club is the perfect answer for those of you who crave the delightfully different in your beers. These are the beers that are born in small batches, limited editions that rarely if ever, will see the light of day in American markets. Here, you’ll have access to icy cold, refreshing brews with limited distribution, and some crafted solely for this club. Enjoy, for yourself, or send to a friend or family member. Whichever you choose, know that the shipments will be received with gratification and anticipation.

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