Hop Heads IPA Beer Of The Month Club

Hop Heads IPA Beer Club

Civilization had enjoyed the rich, savory flavor of beer for around 8000 years before brewers decided to add a little, cone shaped flower to their recipes: Hops. In fact, their first appearance in beer was in 822 AD, in Picardy, France, and most of the beers you’ll find on the market today have had hops added as flavoring. Hops are what provides your favorite brew with it’s bitter taste. Brewers are keen to utilize the various types of hops in their blends, which help to produce each beers unique flavor. When you read craft beer reviews, you’ll often note that connoisseurs of brew will mention the presence of hops in both the beers aroma and/or taste. Hops are actually part of the cannabis family of plants, and come in many different varieties which are then used for aroma and others for flavor. For instance, Noble hops are those from Europe and have a low bitterness level, yet impart a potent scent. These are the hops you’ll find most in lagers crafted overseas. If you’re new to beer, simply grab an IPA, and you’ll get a good idea of the taste and aroma hops give beer.


How This Beer Club Works

As you can probably guess, this is a beer of the month club devoted to those who love the delicious taste of hops. A membership to the Hop-Heads Beer Club gives you access to a nice variety of styles which we’ll tell you about a little later. Each shipment will contain twelve 12 ounce hoppy brews from U.S. and International indie breweries. When you open the box, you’ll see four bottles/cans of 3 different brews. You or your gift recipient will also get their “Malt of the Earth” newsletter, which includes tasting notes, information on selected breweries and brews themselves.

Joining their Hop-Heads Beer Club is quite easy. First, they’ll ask if this is a gift or not. If it is a gift, you have the option to send a Gift Announcement. Next, you select the number of shipments to be delivered, and the month your deliveries are to begin. At the time of this writing, the Hop Heads IPA club charges $33.95 per month, with $15.00 shipping and handling. Your shipments can be monthly, every other month or every three months, with payment completed in a one time installment or per shipment.


What Customers Are Saying…

To give you an idea of how people feel about the Hop-Heads Beer Club, we’ve taken the liberty to lift a few of their reviews from their official website.

The beers were excellent, I do enjoy the double IPAs and there hoppy taste. KEEP THEM COMING!
-Steve 09/29/18

Something to look forward to. My friends loved it and was excited to get their shipment every month. I’d also get a picture of happy guys every month 🙂
-Alexandra 09/28/18

He loved it!!! So glad you had a package option for just IPAs as that’s what my boyfriend (and I) love the most.
-Tara 09/28/18


Design Your Own Beer Club

Hop Heads IPA Club is just one club that belongs to the family of beer of the month clubs. Other beer clubs include:

  • The Rare Beer Club
  • The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club
  • The International Beer Club
  • The International Variety Beer Club

When you elect to decide to combine your Hops Head IPA Club with others, you’ll end up with with a customized shipment. Say you select the Hops Head IPA Club, U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club and U.S. International Variety Beer Club. You or your gift recipient can receive your Hops Head IPA Club for your first shipment, the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club for the second and U.S. International Variety Beer Club for your third.


Recent Beer Styles Included

Since this club is devoted specifically to hops varieties, you can expect to enjoy an assortment of IPA’s, Session IPAs, IPLs, Imperial IPLs, Double IPAs, red ales, and many more. The majority of the brews you’ll experience will come from U.S. breweries, but a few imports will creep in from time to time, imports from international, independent breweries that specialize in brewing up craft beers especially for you.

First Kiss

This Imperial IPA brewed by 3 Sheeps Brewing Company is a very popular craft brew. Fans favor it’s one of a kind taste as the subtle sweetness of honey gently mixes with the bitterness of hops, giving an overall flavor of caramel for some.

HopJack IPA

HopJack is brought to you by Blackstone Brewing Company in Nashville Tennessee. This is a medium-bodied, lean brew with a taste of citrus rounded out by the flavor of caramel, that pours into a nice, clear golden color with a gentle, sweet hop aroma.

Lionshead IPA

Crafted in Wiles-Barre, Pennsylvania, by Lion Brewery, this IPA pours a nice bronze color, which gives way to a thick, 1 inch head with substantial lacing. This medium-bodied brew gives off an aroma of rich, caramel malts. Taste-wise, not too heavy on the hops, perhaps a hint of citrus/herb.


How Beers Are Selected / Curated Each Month

Hop Heads IPA Club takes it’s beer selection seriously. So much so, that they indulge in a strict, 5 point selection process that is controlled by quality only. All of the brews you’ll be experiencing with each shipment have been scrupulously tested by a panel of professional brewmasters, so you only get the best of the best. Each one of their experts travel to where each brew is crafted, they just don’t grab them from off the shelf of a local store. They attend beer festivals as well as meets with brewers and rate over 500 craft brews each year.

Meeting with brewmasters of independent breweries means that arrangements will be made so you’ll experience craft beers which have been brewed just for this club. If you like these beers or any other in your shipment, realize that you can order more for yourself as long as supplies last! One final benefit of their strict, selection process is the chance to taste limited production seasonal brews, and do so throughout the entire year! Flavorful brews such as spiced winter ales can be made available for tasting in spring, summer or fall!


Shipping Information

First things first. As these are alcoholic beverages you must be 21 to join. This means that when the delivery arrives it must be signed for by an individual who is 21 or over. You can consider having your shipment delivered to your work place, or have an adult neighbor sign for it.

While many people join these clubs for their own benefit, others find them the perfect ‘gift that keeps on giving’. If this is a gift, then you have the option to schedule a gift announcement. This announcement can be in the form of an email, or printed out and presented in person. If you elect to perform the second, keep in mind that you can also print it out on specialty paper and have it framed as well!


Coupon Codes

When you visit their website, it’s not a bad idea to check out their Beer of the Month Club coupon codes for 2019. Don’t miss out! Check below for a sampling of their 2019 codes.

  • 5BEER – You can save $5 on any order
  • 15BEER – This coupon code allows you to save $15 when you make your payment in one installment for orders lasting 6 months or more
  • 25BEER – Here, you can save $25 on orders 12 months or more when you pay in one installment
  • Facebook Like – Like them on Facebook and receive $5 off of your first order.


Changes, Returns & Guarantees

The Hop Heads IPA Club not only offers you the very best in hops brews, but stands behind their choices by providing a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on each and every shipment you receive. They admit to taking pride in their accomplishments and are determined to back it up by standing by their customers needs, wants and expectations. Once you sign up for their Hop Heads IPA Club, know that they’ll be the ones doing the legwork for you, to scope out, locate and test the best craft IPA’s. If every you find something amiss in your shipment, you are encouraged to contact their customer service as quickly as possible, where they’ll resolve the issue for you.



The Hop Heads Beer of the Month Club is the perfect gift solution for that special beer lover on your list, especially if they live in an area where there is not much of a selection of delicious craft brews. With their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, supportive, knowledgeable and helpful customer service staff, along with a fabulous, time tested product, you simply can’t go wrong here. An excellent value for the money, as well as a gift that will keep on giving during the membership period. Also remember that you can continue to order any of these beers while their in stock. Enjoy the robust, flavorful experience that only Hop Heads Beer Club can provide!

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