Great Clubs – Beer of the Month Club

Great Clubs Beer of the Month Club

Great Clubs has operated their Beer of the Month Club for over 24 years, supplying exceptional, delicious and unique brews to fans of exquisitely crafted microbrews. Featured in such fine publications such as USA Today, and television shows such as Good Morning America, this club is one of the most trusted and established beer clubs in the States. Founded in 1994 by two brothers with a desire to spread the goodness of domestic craft brews throughout the country, it’s had hundred of thousands of happy members, and made over 3 million shipments throughout the U.S.

This Beer of the Month Club is absolutely perfect for those who live in areas which do not have access to many different brands of craft beers, but yearn to experiment with the variety of styles from different domestic breweries. In other words, no need for a pub crawl through your city, when you can just sit back and wait for the best craft brews in America to be dropped off at your door. They also have an option where you can mix your beer club with any of their 8 other beer club of the month offerings.


How This Beer Club Works

When you join this Beer of the Month Club from Great Clubs, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the freshest, most thirst quenching brews available from the finest, small indie breweries in America. Currently, the price is $42.95 per month and all shipments come with free shipping with no minimum shipment requirement. When you receive your delivery, your package will contain 12 unique, crisp, craft brews from two American independent breweries, with 4 different styles, all delivered in 12 ounce bottles. Shipments also contain the Beer Expeditions Newsletter subscription. This is a one sheet newsletter that is designed to enlighten you about the beers in your shipment, brewery history, and other valuable and fun tidbits of information.

Known as one of the most flexible beer clubs online, they offer you the ability to customize how long you wish to receive shipments. When you join the club, you’ll be able to select 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 months. If you select the 12 month subscription length, you’ll automatically have $50 taken off your membership price. You can also decide to pay in monthly installments, or pay for everything in one payment. Next, they’ll ask if you’d like to have your deliveries shipped every 2 or 3 months. Finally, you decide when the membership will begin. You may also reorder some of the beers you liked at a discount, and do so as long as supplies last. There is also an additional discount if you order any of the beers in bulk. If this is a gift, they’ll include a personalized gift announcement to the recipient for you. If you’d prefer, you have the option to print the gift announcement out on good quality, specialty paper, and have it framed for the perfect presentation.


Example Beer Styles Included

All of the beer you’ll receive are brewed just for the members of the Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club by the best, small indie microbreweries in America. You’ll get a nice sampling of various breweries and their brews, all of which have been hand selected by expert brew masters, nothing is pulled from shelves, or simply ordered from warehouses. To be honest, their website does not give away too much information how exactly who selects the beers, but promises that they are experts in their field and the selection process rigorous. You’ll likely receive high quality stouts, lagers, and amber ales to name but a few styles. This beer club is not known to go too eccentric with their beer styles, so if you aren’t into getting some odd mix of brews that would not suit your palates liking, this is the beer club for you. In order to give you an inkling of what you’ll receive, we’ve included a few examples from past shipments below.

Great Divide

Great Divide is an English style, pale ale beer brewed by the Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver Colorado. This popular award winning craft beer pours a nice amber, and goes down as a smooth brew with a savory taste, and bitter hop finish. Aroma is reminiscent of a blend of sweet malts and gentle floral hints.

Butte Creek Winter Ale

Brewed by the Butte Creek Brewing Company in Ukiah, California. This full bodied brown ale is the perfect choice for the chill of the holidays. Pours a dark, warm mahogany brown with a gentle aroma of chocolate and port. Smooth flavor of caramel, roasted nuts and chocolate.

Nimbus Red Ale

This is an exceptional medium bodied brew that pours a rich amber color leaving a healthy, large frothy head. The aroma can be compared to a blend of toffee, caramel and light hops, with a sweet caramel malt flavor. This amber ale is brewed by Nimbus Brewing Company, Tucson, Arizona.


Shipping Information

Unless you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada or Utah, you’ll find that shipping is free withing the Continental U.S. and District of Columbia. All beer is packaged in tough, durable packing material to eliminate the off chance of breakage during delivery. Also, as these are alcoholic beverages, only those aged 21 and above can obtain a membership. This means that you must have an adult sign for the delivery or it will go back to the carrier. To eliminate this potential hassle, just have it delivered to your work place or have an adult neighbor sign off on it. Your shipment will reach its destination during the third of fourth week of the month.


Changes, Returns & Guarantees

Clubs of America’s Beer of the Month Club has a 100 percent satisfaction Happiness Guarantee. They believe that “You have the right to expect that your gift will arrive at its destination on time, in perfect condition, in the months you specified-no surprises.” This means that if for any reason, you’re unhappy with your delivery, contact them immediately and they’ll work to rectify the issue or give you a full refund. As for restrictions, there is no monthly minimum nor any restrictions on your orders.



If you’re looking for a beer of the month club that will offer you a selection of sound and solid beers, without anything too frilly or exotic, then this is the club for you. Shipping is free, and customer satisfaction is backed by their Happiness Guarantee, which states that if for any reason you are unhappy with their shipment, contact their helpful and friendly customer service staff and they’ll do their best to resolve the issue or give you a full refund. Overall, a great beer club for those looking to experience excellent domestic craft brews from around the country in a convenient and inexpensive way.

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