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Flying Noodle Beer of The Month Clubs

Many years ago, in a tiny Italian village of Levino, the Legend of the Flying Noodle was born. According to this ancient tales, the mythical creature known to villagers as the Flying Noodle, granted prosperity to the land and its people. It is this legend which inspired the originators of Flying Noodle Italian Gourmet Gifts to create much of their product, and part of that is the Flying Noodle Beer of the Month Club.

Established in 1995 and acquired by ICG America in 2005, the Flying Noodle has been featured in Forbes, USA Today and Good Morning America, to name but a few. Though they dabble in everything from pastas, sauces gift baskets and combos, they all have one thing in common: They exhibit the best of Italian cuisine available online. The same intense professionalism which goes into each one of their products, transfers to their very own, Beer of the Month Club. Here, expect only the best, crisp, thirst quenching brews available in the United States. Rest assured, that none of the beers in your shipment will be mass produced, as they pride themselves on giving you the absolute best craft beers made from small batches by indie brewers.


How This Beer Club Works

When you immerse yourself in the flavorful world of exquisite brews which Flying Noodle delivers, you’ll most definitely be hooked. Each month you’ll receive twelve bottles of premium craft beer. All of the selections are based on season. Each delivery includes their Newsletter, the “Frosty Mug”. Their newsletter is geared to enhancing your shipment by including tasting notes and beer related trivia.

What’s nice about the Flying Noodle Beer of the Month Club, is that they give you four different membership choices: 3, 6, 12 or seasonal. No matter which membership option you choose, shipping is free! Below are the current prices. Please remember such information is subject to change at any time:

  • 3 Month Club – $41.95 per month, $125.85 total
  • 6 Month Club – $40.95 per month, $245.70 total
  • 12 Month Club – $39.95 per month, $479.40 total
  • Seasonal Club – 4 Deliveries per year, $41.95 per month, $167.80 total

The seasonal club features new microbrews for the winter, spring, summer and fall seasons. When you sign up for Flying Noodles Beer Club, you’ll be asked if this is for a gift, and asked whether or not you’d like a gift announcement sent to the recipient. They also give you the option to print your gift announcement at home. Now, this last option is nice, because you can elect to print it out on some very nice paper, perhaps with brew related imagery, and place it in an inexpensive photo frame for the perfect presentation.


Gift Certificates

If you are hesitant when it comes to selecting the perfect membership, then the Flying Noodle gives you the opportunity to send a gift certificate. These gift certificates range from $25 to $1000 and can be used toward the Flying Beer Club membership of their choice. Once ordered, they’ll send the certificate to the recipient immediately, or on the date you select.


Immerse Yourself in the Unique Flavor of an Exclusive Craft Brew

The Flying Noodle Beer of the Month Club is a favorite among brew lovers everywhere, due to their rare, premium microbrews. Once a member of this club, you’ll experience four different styles of beer created by well-respected independent breweries from all over the United States. Examples of what you might expect from the Flying Noodle Beer Club may include selections from the following breweries:

  • O’so Brewing Company, Plover, Wisconsin
  • Flying Fish Brewing Company, Somerdale, New Jesery
  • Carson’s Brewery, Evansville, Indiana
  • Rusty Rail Brewing Company, Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania
  • Fordham and Dominion Brewing Company, Dover Delaware
  • Ale Asylum, Madison Wisconsin


What Type of Beers Can I Expect?

For those who are just dipping their toe into the expansive and unique world of craft brews, allow us to give you an idea of just what these beers are like. While we’ve no crystal ball alerting us to what the expert panelists which select your brews which choose, we can give you an idea of the type of craft beers you may encounter in your shipment.

Maiden’s Blueberry Ale

Brewed by Sherwood Forest Brewers, this brew pours a light yellow, leaving you with the scent of freshly picked blueberry’s. Lightly sweet in flavor, as expected, this light to medium bodied beer has a fruity taste and dry finish.

Prelude Special Ale

This full-bodied seasonal brew is perfect for those crisp, frosty and chilly winter evenings. Prelude will leave you with a nutty flavor, reminiscent of old, English ales. Pours out a rich amber, and tops it off with a hoppy finish. Crafted by the Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, this English strong ale is perfect for holidays or winter fests.

Ale Asylum Plush Crush

Crafted by Ale Asylum brewery in Madison, Wisconsin, this medium bodied brew pours out beautifully, leaving your mug filled with golden goodness, nicely laced head with a hint of citrus, spice and a bit hoppy.

Dark Horse Bourbon Barrel Amaretto Scotty Karate

This brew by Dark Horse has a fragrant, amaretto aroma which favors its rich, full-bodied, sweet composition. Pours dark, and gives off a gentle, caramel, toffee taste mixed with a tad of vanilla.

The Thistle and Stag, Golden Stag

Pours clear with an amber shade, giving off a scent of blended walnut and honey. This full bodied craft brew is dark, rich and sweet to taste. Perfect for the beer aficionado looking for a rustic brew.


Shipping, Guarantees and Returns

Not only will you experience the richness of exclusive, small batch brews from award winning breweries across the country, but they will be delivered to you with free shipping! Expect your shipment to arrive during the last week of the month, and will be delivered via FedEx, UPS or USPS. Your brews will arrive in sturdy packaging, so no concerns of accidental breakage during transit. Remember that this shipment contains alcoholic beverages, so they must be signed for by an adult. If this is not your situation, you can have your brews delivered to your work address or to a neighbors address.

The operators of the Flying Noodle Beer of the Month Club realize that without paying attention to their customer base, they wouldn’t be in business today. As such, they have a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you’re ever unhappy with your shipment, they encourage you to contact them immediately so there can be a proper resolution.

If, after the resolution, you’re still unsatisfied, you can then return the unused product and receive a full refund. Also remember that you can cancel your beer club membership at any time. In case your membership was prepaid, you’ll get a refund on any and all unshipped items. They’ll not question you, nor will you have to deal with tiresome delays.

There are a few shipping restrictions. They do not ship outside the United States, Hawaii or Alaska. They cannot ship to Utah or any other area where alcohol is prohibited. Shipping is to residential and business addresses only, no PO, APO or FPO boxes.



When it’s all said and done, presenting a membership to the Flying Noodle Beer Club to a friend or loved one can be quite the gift for any beer lover, not to mention you can simply gift yourself! With superior customer service available 24/7, free shipping and a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, it’s clear why so many craft beer lovers select Flying Noodle as their Beer Club choice. If you enjoy their Beer of the Month Club, it can’t hurt to stick around and take a nice, long look at their other clubs, such as their wine club, pizza and pasta clubs! Lastly, if all of this has gotten you bitten by the craft brew bug, check out the Flying Noodle’s sister site, Monster Brew, where you can get information and supplies on how to brew your very own, craft brews!

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