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Micro Beer High End Club Review

Did you know that in ancient Egypt, beer was used as both payment for services rendered as well as for medicinal purposes? Well, it’s true. According to the lore of ancient Egypt, the god Osiris invented brewing, and as a result, beer or heqet, as they called it, has come to be known as the […]


Flying Noodle Beer club review

Many years ago, in a tiny Italian village of Levino, the Legend of the Flying Noodle was born. According to this ancient tales, the mythical creature known to villagers as the Flying Noodle, granted prosperity to the land and its people. It is this legend which inspired the originators of Flying Noodle Italian Gourmet Gifts […]


Tavour Craft Beer Club Review

Where many celebrated beer clubs have been around since the 1990’s, Tavour is the new kid on the block, so to speak. Tavour was founded in 2013 by Sethu Kalavakur, Philip Vaughn, and Rafik Robeal, and has quickly ensconced itself in the hearts and minds of beer geeks everywhere. In fact, Mens Journal selected Tavour […]


U.S. International Beer Club Review

The U.S. International Beer Club has given its club members the gift of experiencing uniquely refreshing craft beers from all over the world, for over 20 years. Each and every one of the beers in your shipment have been curated by experts in their field, so you’ll never get a bland or common, everyday flavor. […]


The Original Craft Beer Club Review

Do you find the mere thought of a country brimming with flavorful, uniquely blended, ice cold craft beers, entice you? Well, if so, then you’ve come to the right place. The Original Craft Beer Club selects and delivers some of the most delicious, tempting and savory craft beers in America. Founded in 1992, this beer […]


MicroBrewed Rare Beer Club Review

The Rare Beer Club founder, Michael Jackson, aka the “Beer Hunter”, laid the foundation for one of the most celebrated beer clubs ever. Known during his time, as the world’s leading authority on beer, his life revolved around everything beer. He went to great lengths to personally meet up with brewers, becoming familiar with various […]

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