Breweries With A Sense Of Humor – Hilarious “No, I’m not 21” Redirects

Does anyone actually click No to these things?

Probably not too many of us, right? Perhaps that’s while some breweries have taken it upon themselves to have a little of fun with the whole thing. While many breweries simply opt for the cut and dry “You must be 21 years or older” to enter their sites or a simple redirect to Google – There are a handful that have gone out of their way to hide some pretty funny easter-eggs behind the almost always neglected “No” button.

The Top 20

1.) Black Acre Brewing      

Black Acre Brewing easily earns the number one spot on my list of personal favorites with their hilarious re-direct to a flash video of he-man and company singing their version of “What’s Up”.


2.) Little Egypt Beer

The Little Egypt Brewery encourages you to visit their site when are you of legal drinking age, but offers this awesome video to soften the blow a bit. Man does that old dude got some sweet dance moves!

3.) Bottle Logic

Bottle Logic seems to be in tune with what kids are into… A 10 hour loop of Nyan cat flying through outer space!

4.) Austin Beer Works

It seems that Nyan cat is pretty popular among the brewing community… Austin Beer Works offers up their hilarious and creepy real life alternative.

5.) Boulder Beer

Boulder Beer Brewing Company links to this rather fitting video of McLovin showing off his fake ID. (from the movie SuperBad.)

6.)  Solemn Oath Brewery

Not 21? I’m sorry little buddy, Here is a spinning taco!


7.) Claremont Craft Ales

Claremont Craft Ales would like to remind you that there are worse things than being under 21, at least you can still eat bacon.

8.) Trumer International

Can’t drink? Here’s a bunch of dudes dressed up in lederhosen or some shit dancing for your amusement… Yea it’s almost as weird as the spinning taco.

9.) FireMans Brew

FireMansBrewing Company has since replaced their redirect, but thanks to the magic of the internet archives way back machine we can still check it out. It’s a shame they got rid of this link, as It was pretty unique to be redirected to a flash game. (Jr. FireFighter)


10.) Conquest Brewing

Conquest Brewing cleverly pokes fun at the uselessness of these “Are you over 21?” prompts. Seems about as difficult to get passed the black night…

11.) Beggars Brewery

Beggars Brewery thought you might enjoy these adorable little fur balls going down a slide.

12.) 4 Brothers Blended Beer

4 Brothers would like children to take a moment and reflect on just how awesome their first beer was. Or something like that…I’m not really sure, I’m a few beers in.

13.) 3 Floyds

“Hey – Frank, somebody just answered No. Something must be wrong here…”

“Oh, yea that happens from time to time – screen is probably just full of Doritos cheese and soda pop. Just send the pug over Frank, I’m too busy to deal with this crap right now”


14.) Bau Haus Brew Labs

Mah Na Mah Na, Na Nah Na Na. Doo, Doo, Doo…. Uh, maybe you should just watch the video.

15.) Central State Brewing

What’s better than ice cold beer? Mother-fucking sea otters man, they use their stomach as tables and can use rocks to bash the shit out of clams and eat their stupid clam faces. Anyways, I’m sure you’ll learn all about how awesome sea otters are thanks to this awesome Sea Otter live feed.

16.) Caution Brewing Company

I have to give credit to Caution Brewing Company for doing something a little bit different, and doing it well at that. Well done gents, well done.


17.) Summit Brewing Company

While Summit Brewing Company recognizes that you are unable to enjoy our content – we thought you may enjoy one of these other equally riveting sites.


18.) Butcher Knife Brewing

I’m just glad somebody finally used there song.

19.) Free Tail Brewing

Oh…good one Free Tail, I totally didn’t see that coming…

20.) Begyle Brewing

Silly young’ens, why would you want to learn about beer when you check out how crayons are made with all your old buddies over on Sesame street?



Bonus! – Honorable Mentions

#Brewery WebsiteRedirects to... Kitten In Hamster Ball Video
Barf Brand Soap Wiki Page Disney Princess Home Page PBS Kids - Barney Page Childrens Wooden Chairs ?? Dr. Seus Home Page Thomas The Train Page
Google Image Results For The Word "Kitten" Wiki - Legal Drinking Age Wiki-History Of Aviation Government Under Age Drinking Page Nickelodeon Home Page Wiki - Root Beer Slow Loris Loves Getting Tickled Video Wiki - National Minimum Drinking Age Act Google Image Search Results For "shells" Wiki - Beer Funny Messege To The Kids The Pets Of Bear Republic Early 90's Sizzler Ad Juicy Juice Assortment of Random Links...

**So far I’ve looked at nearly 1,000 different breweries websites to dig up some of these awesome easter eggs for you to enjoy, but the task is monumental and I simply don’t have time to check them all out myself! If anyone wishes to continue my work, You can pick up where I left off on page 51 of the US breweries search results HERE.



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