Brand Your Brew! – 7 Awesome Options For Labeling Your Beer

You’ve invested hundreds of dollars in gear and countless hours brewing, bottling and obsessing over ingredients and recipes. Maybe…Just maybe it’s time you invest in giving the beer you work so hard to brew a proper label!


1. Create & Order Custom Labels Online


While there are a number of places online where you can design and order custom beer labels – none of them are as easy to use and well designed as Create anything from a simple beer label, to custom bottle caps, coasters and even professional looking keg stickers.

Whether you are looking to create your very own custom designed label or choose from their huge list of designer templates this is the way to go if you want a professional looking product to showcase your home brew.


  • Quantity 25$15.00

**Pricing will vary depending on the type and size of your label. The above pricing reflects their standard label only.


2. Create Your Own Minimalist Labels


If you are looking to brand your beer on the cheap, It doesn’t get much better than these twine and paper beer labels. For less than a penny per label, these simple beer labels are a great alternative to adhesive style labels. (just don’t expect them to stay on in a cooler!)

First things first – You’ll have to design a simple label for you beer. I personally really enjoy using either or for drafting up a quick design. Then simply source a brown grocery bag or colored construction paper and cut it into a 8.5 x 11 sheet. Then simply feed the paper into your printer, print and cut your labels and use a hole punch and some twine to complete the look.

**For Bonus Points – You can extend the life of your labels by using spray-on polyurethane to protect it from moisture and normal wear and tear.

Materials Required

  • Twine –  ~$2.00
  • Brown Paper Bag$Free
  • Home Printer


3. Design & Print Your Own Labels At Home


If you don’t mind the extra work that is inherit with using adhesive style labels, for less than a penny each and the cost of a bit of printer ink, You can design your own labels and print them from home.

I personally have found and to be some of the better free resources for creating a sharp looking beer label quickly, that being said, really you can use just about any design software out there to make your own looking labels. While this method demands some extra attention to detail to make sure that your design dimensions are appropriate for the type of label you are using, Once you get the process down it’s a really cost efficient way to keep track of your beer if you are brewing in higher volumes.

Materials Required


4. Reusable Chalkboard Bottle Labels


Unless you are planning on giving your beer away as a gift or it’s going to be sold on a shelf or pub somewhere, there really isn’t a need to create fancy labels for EVERY batch of home brew. Sometimes you just need a quick and easy way to label your beer so it doesn’t get mixed up. While it’s a bit more expensive than masking tape and a sharpie – It also looks a hell of a lot better.

Although I haven’t personally tried these yet, I’m definately going to order a set to try them out on my next batch of beer. A quick word to the wise… While the product says that you can use any type of chalk, user reviews have noted that regular chalk doesn’t work very well, so I’ve included a link for the recommended chalk pen below as well.



5. No-Adhesive Beer Clings


Beer clings are made from a special vinyl cling material that will adhere to your bottles without any adhesive. The bond is then strengthened when you refrigerate the beer and can be easily removed in seconds by peeling back a corner with your finger-nail. Versus the traditional stickers and adhesive based labeling methods that require you to scrape and clean each bottle, These no-adhesive alternatives have become increasingly popular amongst the hombrewing community lately.

The Beer Clings website also allows you to choose from a number of solid looking templates or completely customize your own design. Pricing is more than reasonable, especially since they are re-usable and you can further customize each label using a washable marker.


$5.00 – 12 labels


6. Custom Bottle Caps


You need to buy bottle caps anyways – Why not have a bit of fun with it? creating custom bottle caps for your beers serves as a great way to compliment your labels or can serve as a cheap alternative to traditional labeling for identifying different batches of beer. currently has regular bottle caps selling for 3.99$ for 120 count. If you are looking to find the cost per “cap” vs. that of the previous labeling options, I would say that you are spending approximately $16.00 more (on average) for a 100 count of caps. Making the “cost per label” of custom caps .16 cents per bottle.

Pricing $15.00 – 100 ct (+$5.00 s+h)$20.00 – 100 ct



7. Heat Shrink Plastic Sleeves


These heat shrink sleeves aren’t a complete solution in and of themselves. They require that you have a label of some sort (printed on paper, adhesive labels, etc) to actually…you know, label your beer. The draw here is that you can use non-adhesive printer paper to quickly and easily draft and test designs, while making sure that your labeling won’t be coming off under any conditions.
This product is in an interesting place – It holds up against water, condensation and an ice chest better than any of the above alternatives but still only really seems to be suited for brewers who are making repeat batches of beer and plan on reusing the bottles.


  • $12.00 – 70 Count


8. Garage Monk – Pre-made & Custom labels

Easily the best looking option out there, Garage Monk runs an awesome Etsy shop that creates custom labels, bottle caps, 6 pack carriers and more.


  • $34.00 – 50 Generic Re-usable labels
  • $48.00 – 60 Custom Printed Labels

Over to you – What’s your favorite way to label your beer?

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