The Best Kegerators of 2019 – Reviewed

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Did you know that Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of being faced with an empty beer glass?

It’s true, but here’s the good news… when you purchase a kegerator, you’ll never have to suffer from this debilitating phobia ever again! Kegerators move you away from the clutter of bottles and cans, and allow you to enjoy a perfectly chilled, frosty mug of your favorite brew, just as you like it best: Straight from the tap. Kegerators are not only convenient and cost effective, but they also eliminate the headache of bottling day and can even speed up the final stages of fermentation so you can enjoy your homebrew early.


Best Kegerators on the Market

Let’s face it, people have had a love affair with beer for thousands of years, and this love doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Today, beer aficionados have more options than ever before when it comes to enjoying a cold, crisp thirst quenching brew, and one of those options is to own their very own tap. If you’re new to the concept, or perhaps looking for a unique gift option for a loved one, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’re going bring you into the world of the kegerator, and help you find the best kegerator for you.


EdgeStar KC3000SS Full Size Kegerator

EdgeStar KC3000SS Kegerator

Top of the Line and Dependable Kegerator
If you’re looking for ice cold beer being delivered to you at the touch of a button, then the EdgeStar KC3000, freestanding kegerator conversion cooler is perfect for you. You’ll find that owning the Edgestar KC3000 is a wonderful way to have access to your most favorite cold, crisp brews available to you 24/7 and do it without having to deal with messy bottles or cans. Plus, their smooth rolling, lockable casters mean you can roll your kegerator to where the party is. Keep the beer flowing with the dependable and reliable Edgestar KC3000!

Large Capacity and Efficient Cooling System
Easy to operate, this kegerator is controlled by simple electronic control panel which is conveniently placed on the top of your KC3000. Here, you can change temperature settings, so your brew will be just as you like it within a cooling range of 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 10 degrees Centigrade). Simply press the warmer or cooler buttons to increase or decrease the temperature by 1 degree, use the F/C button which takes you from Fahrenheit to Celsius. There is also a deep chill mode, which is only to be used when chilling a warm keg quickly. Once activated, the KC3000 will continue in deep chill mode for 24 hours, then automatically shut off. What makes the KC3000 so special, is its ability to have an efficient cooling system and large holding capacity. This unit is capable of handling the following:

  • 1 Oversize, half barrel keg
  • 1 Half barrel keg
  • 1 Quarter barrel keg
  • 1 Slim quarter keg
  • 1 to 3 6th barrel keg(s)
  • 1 to 3 Cornelius keg(s)
  • 1 slim quarter and 1 6th barrel keg

Spacious Interior and Solid on the Accessories
The KC3000 is manufactured of NSF approved component hardware, comes with 2 shelves, and 1 stainless steel column draft tower which houses the lines from the keg and holds the one chrome plated brass tap. Defrosting is automatic, and comes with a reversible door in case you’d like to attach it on the left or right. When you open up your KC3000 you’ll notice a CO2 cylinder holder, compressor step, keg plate, cold plate and internal fan. The accessories you’ll receive are a drip tray, chrome guard rail and 4 casters which make moving your kegerator simple and easy. also included is an empty aluminum CO2 tank, drip tray, spanner faucet wrench, and black tap handle.

  • Integrated caster wheels
  • Precision temperature control
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Comes with all you need to set it up and operate
  • Loud when operating
The Bottom Line

The EdgeStar KC3000SS Full Size Kegerator is one of the best deals you can get when it comes to having your very own, personal kegerator. Precision temperature control means you can control the chill of your favorite kegs, and the Deep Chill mode means you can quickly cool down a brand new keg. This unit is easy to maintain, and operation is as simple as pressing a few buttons. Rich with accessories, this model is made from NSF approved materials and comes with shelves so it can be transformed to a fridge when kegs are absent. Overall, an excellent choice for those who love the taste of a good, cold draft beer.



Kegco Dual Tap Faucet Digital Kegerator

Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg CoolerUser Friendly Kegerator with a Deep Chill Mode
The Kegco Dual Tap Kegerator is a very sweet item for those of you who really want to trade the bottles and cans for the fresh, cool, clean taste of a good draft. The Kegoco is a very user friendly kegerator, and comes with a digital temperature display which is activate by convenient push button controls. To increase or decrease the temperature by one degree, just press the up or down buttons. The Deep Chill Function lets you speed up the cooling process for 24 hours, and the dual tap means you’ll be able to enjoy two different drafts at any one time.

Forced Fan Cooling and Hold a Full Size Keg
Your brews will be evenly chilled thanks to the fan forced cooling. Fan forced cooling works to evenly distribute the cool temperatures throughout the interior of the unit. In fact, the K309SS-2 is known as one of the coldest kegerators on the market, with a bottom temp as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll find that the Kegco Dual Tap K309SS-2 has no trouble holding a full sized keg within its spacious interior. Kegs which fit into this unit include:

  • 1 Full-sized keg
  • 2 Five gallon, D system kegs
  • 3 Five gallon Cornelius Ball Lock Home Brew kegs

If you’re not planning on storing a keg anytime soon, then simply use it as an extra refrigerator. This unit comes with 2 easy to install, adjustable shelves which can be placed inside the interior to hold food items, beverages or wine.

Everything You Need Plus Options for Future Upgrades
Your purchase includes everything you’ll need to get up and running immediately. You get a CO2 tank, keg couplers, regulator, beer and air lines, as well as all fittings needed to complete the set up. You may also upgrade your K309SS-2 at any time. Upgrades are purchased separately and include items such as polished stainless steel faucet towers, different styles of couplers, cleaning kits, drip trays, decorative tap handles and much more.

  • Large capacity allows for an over-sized keg or two 5 gallon D system kegs, 3 five gallon corny kegs
  • Easy to operate, can purchase extra upgrades
  • Deep Chill Mode
  • Forced fan cooling
  • May be too expensive for some
The Bottom Line

The K309SS-2 kegerator by Kegco is a large capacity dual tap unit that allows you to load up an over-sized ket, two 5 gallon D kegs, or three 5 gallon corny’s. This easy to operate kegerator also has a Deep Chill Mode, and force fan cooling ensures that your keg is evenly chilled at the temperature of your choice. Kegco also provides the user with a variety of upgrades, purchased separately, should you elect to switch up your unit. A Great buy for those who want a dual tap unit to enjoy a variety of draft brews.


EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator

EdgeStar KC2000Stylish with Ultra Low Temperatures
The KC2000 model from EdgeStar is a full size kegerator, made in the USA, and capable of attaining ultra low temperatures. In fact, it’s one of the few on the market that can attain such temperatures which enable it to keep your beer chilled in the 30’s. Designed to contribute to your kitchen decor, it hosts a stylish, contemporary design of a slick, black stainless steel door and overall black coloring. The tower is insulated which ensures an even temperature to the beer lines, and external CO2 tank. This CO2 tank comes with an easy to read pressure gauge, and as it’s external in design it ends up saving you up to 2 times the CO2. The capacity for the KC2000 is:

  • 1 Full size keg
  • 1 Pony keg
  • 1 Slim pony keg
  • 1 – 2 Sixth barrel keg
  • 1 – 2 Cornelius kegs

Transform it to an Extra Refrigerator or Roll Where You Want It
A nice extra you get with the KC2000 is its ability to transform in to an extra refrigerator. It comes with removable shelving which supports your beverages such as wine, along with fruits, vegetables and other perishables. Whether you use it as a refrigerator or kegerator, this full-size, freestanding unit comes complete with casters which allow easy movement from one place to another. Very useful when it comes to throwing parties or friendly get togethers as it can be moved to the party area, or even outdoors during a BBQ. Your purchase will include everything you’ll need to get your KC2000 chilling your kegs. Items included are a CO2 tank, coupler, regulator, beer line, tower, tap, faucet, drip tray and faucet handle. Capacity wise, it can hold one full size keg and a standard, half shell Sankey keg.



  • Ultra low temperatures in the 30’s
  • Excellent capacity
  • Casters for mobility
  • Easy to set up
  • External CO2 tank with pressure gauge


  • Some may find this unit a little noisy at times
  • No digital control panel
The Bottom Line

The KC2000 kegerator from EdgeStar is designed to reach ultra low temperatures, reaching down into the 30’s, can be used as an extra refrigerator and has casters for ease of transport throughout your home. The set up is super easy, and the capacity is large: 1 Full size keg; 1 Pony keg; 1 Slim pony keg; 1 – 2 Sixth barrel kegs; 1 – 2 Cornelius kegs. The only downside for some is that there is no control panel, only a thermostat. However, that aside, this easy to care for and maintain model makes for a superb gift for the brew lovers in your life.


Keggermeister KM2800BK Single-Tap Keggermeister KM2800BK Single-Tap KegeratorKegerator

Enjoy The Cool, Crisp Taste of a Draft Beer at Home
The Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator is the ideal choice when it comes to enjoying a craft brew at home. This model is designed to give you the draft experience when it comes to enjoying your favorite brews. This full sized, single tap kegerator dispenses your favorite brews at the temperature you like, and can keep your keg fresh for up to 3 months. Considered a basic, entry level model, it can be used for both your very own craft brew kegs or commercial kegs.

Contemporary, Durable and Functional Design
The designers of this model took their time in creating a kegerator that will easily suit your decor. Its modern design is encased in a matte black finish, with a chrome spout and black, stainless steel tower. The chrome metal guard rail works to ensure that your mugs, cups and steins stay put, without crashing to the floor. Perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining, this model is made with hardy casters which easily move the kegerator from one room to another, or out of doors.

Easy to Operate with a Nice Size Capacity
As for capacity, the Keggermeister KM2800BK can accommodate full sized kegs, or two 5 gallon kegs, also known as pony kegs. Operation is a simple affair with its easy to read, LCD control panel. Here, you can control the temperature as well as monitor your CO2 level. Your purchase will include a Sanke tap assembly, CO2 regulator, 2.5 pound aluminum CO2 tank, draft tower, faucet, beer/gas lines, drip tray, metal guard rail, tap handle and casters.



  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Keeps your keg fresh for up to 3 months
  • Mobile so you can move it where the party is


  • No Chill Mode
The Bottom Line

The Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator is a nice, affordable entry level kegerator, and a great starter kegerator for those just starting out their very own home brewing regime. This full size, single tap unit can accommodate a full sized keg or two 5 gallon pony kegs. It comes with smooth rolling casters so you can move it to where you see fit, an easy to read LCD panel, and chrome guard rail. The stylish, black exterior means your kegerator will suite most room decors. This is a great choice for someone who is thinking about home brewing, but does not want to spend too much, or the casual beer drinker who would like their favorite brews to stay crisp and cold for up to 3 months without going flat.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kegerator?

Kegerator is a play on words, so to speak as it mixes ‘keg’ and ‘refrigerator’, so you get kegerator. As you can probably guess, a kegerator is a refrigerated device that dispenses your beer via a keg. This means no more dealing with piles of messy bottles and/or cans. Here, you place a keg of your most favorite brew where it stays nicely chilled and ready to be dispensed by way of a conveniently placed tap.

What are the Different Types of Kegerators?

Mini Kegerators

Whereas Large, full-sized kegerators are pressurized, using CO2 to move the beer to the tap, mini kegerators sre self pressurized and can sit on your countertop. The most these can hold is around 5 liters of beer. These kegs are affordable, can be set up on your countertop with ease. The only drawback is that your selection of available brews will be cut significantly, as opposed as to kegerators that use larger kegs. If you enjoy having a draft beer once in a while, and are not particular regarding variety, then this could be a good choice for you.

Full-Sized Kegerators

These affordable units are for residential use, and have the capacity to hold a full sized keg. These kegerators are to be placed on the floor, and most have casters for easy mobility. These kegerators will come with a tank of pressurized CO2 and a coupler, which dispenses the beer to the tap. Unlike the mini, the full-sized kegerator will ensure you have a wide range of beer selections from which to choose. Full-sized kegerators are either freestanding or built into your kitchen counter. If you elect to have a built-in kegerator know that once it’s installed it’s pretty much there for good, like any other major kitchen appliance.

Commercial Kegerators

As the name suggests, they are built for business use such as taverns or food service establishments. That means their construction must meet certain standards. As you can probably guess, these are quite a bit larger than a residential kegerator, and more expensive as well. These units are designed to be beverage workhorses, so will have many more features than those you’ll find in residential units. If you’re looking for a large capacity kegerator, along with a nice selection of fun features to play with, then it can’t hurt just to take a look at a few models.

Outdoor Kegerators

Today, more and more people are extending their home life out of doors. They are creating functional patios with real, integrated kitchen appliances as well as waterproof, outdoor televisions, and much more. Here, outdoor kegerators fit perfectly. They are designed to function in weather, and are perfect for those who love to entertain outdoors. Due to their construction, they are suitable for garages as well as basements.

Build Your Own

Finally, if you’re good with your hands, you can consider revamping an old refrigerator or freezer, and transforming it into a kegerator. In fact, they actually sell conversion kits just for this purpose. This could save you some extra cash, as the kits are less expensive than a brand new kegerator.

What is the Difference Between Kegs?

The size of keg you want will be what decides what type of kegerator you wish to purchase. So think before you buy. Will a mini be enough, or perhaps you plan on entertaining?

Cornelius Keg, or Corny Keg

Also known as a Homebrew or soda keg as it’s the size of your average homebrew batch, this keg is tall, measuring 23 x 9 inches with a 5 gallon capacity. This keg gives you 40 pints of brew per each keg.

Half Barrel Keg

This is also known as a full size keg, and 1/2 BBL, it holds 15.5 gallons of brew, which means you get 124 pints of beer for each keg. Dimensions are 23-3/8 x 16-1/8 inches. These kegs are the ones you’ll find in commercial eateries, bars or taverns. A full sized kegerator can old one half barrel keg.

Quarter Barrel

When shopping around for kegs, this half size keg is also referred to as the pony keg, 1/4 BBL or stubby quarter. It’s 1/2 the size of a half barrel keg, and holds 7.75 gallons, which gives you 62 pints of beer per keg, and measures 13-7/8 x 16-1/8 inches.

Slim Quarter Barrel

This keg holds the same amount as the quarter barrel, but is thinner and taller, so is a favorite for those with dual tap kegerators. This keg is also called the slim 1/4 BBL or the tall quarter, holds 7.75 gallons and gives you 62 pints of beer. Dimensions for this keg are 23-3/8 x 11-1/8 inches.

Sixth Barrel Keg

Also known as the Sixtel, the 1/6 Barrel or the 1/6 BBL, measures 23-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches, and comes with a capacity of 5.16 gallons and yields 41 pints of beer. These are a favorite with those who own dual tap kegerators as two can fit inside a standard kegerator. Also, if you’re a fan of craft brews in kegs, you’re in luck as many craft brewery’s use the Sixtel.

Mini Keg

These are the ones you find on counter tops. They are good for about 3 to 4 taps as they only hold around 1.33 gallons of brew.

How Long Does the Beer in Kegs Stay Fresh?

This is dependent on the type of beer in the keg. In general, you can expect a keg to last around 6 to 8 weeks in the kegerator before it loses it’s crisp, fresh flavor.

How Does the Beer Move?

Pressure drives the beer from the keg to the tap. The mini kegerators are generally self pressurized. Other sizes will require a CO2 tank and coupler. The CO2 moves your beer to the tap.

Why Should I Buy a Kegerator?


This is a big one, because when you purchase a kegerator you’re helping the world stay green. This is especially true for those of you who are true lovers of beer, and/or have more than a few beer lovers in your household. By purchasing a kegerator, you’re bottles and cans will no longer fill up landfills. Keep in mind that most kegs are reusable. You’ll be able to enjoy your beer knowing that you’re not contributing to the excess waste in the world.

Money Saving

All of those 6 packs can actually add up, so when you purchase a keg, especially if you make routine runs to the corner convenience store, so you’ll actually be saving money in the long run as you’re buying your beer in bulk amounts. Simply look at how much you get in a keg, divide it into pints and compare it to your local supermarket or liquor store prices. In fact, depending on how much beer you drink, you’ll most likely be able to have your kegerator pay for itself in under a years time.

Better Than a Second Fridge

When you purchase and set up your kegerator, gone are the days of stumbling over cases of your favorite brew in the garage, basement or kitchen. Not only that, but the rest of your family will actually be able to store a few of their favorite items in your fridge, as your bottles/cans will be no more. All in all, a kegerator is a much better alternative to purchasing a second refrigerator or mini fridge to store your brews. Plus, you get to enjoy beer at an evenly chilled temperature that works just for you. When you select the perfect temp on your kegerator, you are ensuring that your beer will remain chilled and fresh for months as well.

No More Late Night Runs to the Convenience Store

Once your kegerator is in place, you eliminate the need to slip out of your jammies to make a night run to your local convenience store for some cold brew. No more running out of beer for you and your buddies during the big game, as you’ll always have more than enough beer available for everyone.

Do I Have to Clean a Kegerator?

Yes, it’s crucial that the beer lines remain clean and free from bacteria and buildup. However, don’t let this put you off. As a matter of fact, there are many kegerator cleaning kits on the market today. These kits are battling for your dollar, so they work to ensure that they do all the cleaning for you. These kits will not only remove bacteria, but also mold and yeast buildup.


Final Thoughts

Kegerators work to extend the life of your beer, so that you can store it up to 3 months without it going flat. Kegerators give you the enjoyment of sipping draught beer any time of the day or night, removing the need to go out for late night runs, or last minute beer runs to keep the party or big game going, as well as eliminating carting bags of bottles and cans to the trash. Kegerators range from the small, mini kegerators that fit on your counter top, to large full size, free standing kegerators or built in models. Finding the best kegerator for you is simple once you know what you want. In fact, whichever unit you choose, as long as you are informed as to the room available in your home, the keg size, whether single or dual tap, selecting one should be a walk in the park. We’re confident that once you purchase your kegerator, you’ll wonder however you got along without one!

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