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Starting your own home microbrewery is quite the exciting undertaking. You are personally creating your very own craft beer, from the fermentation process to bottling, you control each and every step. You’ve experimented with ingredients, fussed with batch after batch until you got it just right. Lets face it, you’ve worked hard to create your very own signature brew, so doesn’t it make sense to ensure it receives a proper bottle? One that truly represents your brand. In order to accomplish this, many home brewers design and apply their own labels.

Applying labels by hand to your bottles, boxes and other surfaces can look downright horrid when applied incorrectly. Even if you just miss your mark by a 16th of an inch, the mistake is quite noticeable. If labeling your beer is an important part of your process, then it may be wise to invest in a bottle label applicator. These applicators can be manual, such as the Adjustable Wizard Bottle Labeler, or mechanized like the Hanchen Round Bottle Labeling Machine.

After all, you’re spending quite a bit of time labeling your beer, By using a labeling applicator, you’re guaranteed to get it right every time! These labeling machines ensure that label application is quick and precise, so all of your products look professional. Remember, that a professionally labeled bottle is what will make the first impression, it will be the first thing your customer will see and will reflect on their perception of your brew.


Hanchen Round Bottle Labeling Machine C-306

Hanchen Round Bottle Labeling MachineHandles from 20 to 40 pieces per minute

The Hanchen Round bottle Labeling Machine is just what you need to apply your personally designed, craft beer labels to your bottles. This semi-automatic labeler is quick, and can handle from 20 to 40 pieces per minute. Not only is this bottle labeling machine good for your beer, but if someone in your family likes to prep canned foods or honey, know that you can also use it for plastic bottles, condiment bottles, or essence bottles. This unit adjustable for round bottles, metal cans, or plastic containers from 15 to 120 mm. The minimum size label is 26 x 25 mm, and the maximum sized label you can apply is 150 x 180 mm.

Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction and Intelligent Positioning Sensor

The Hanchen is manufactured from a durable aluminum alloy, and designed to give you years of dependable and reliable service. Its Intelligent Positioning Sensor ensures that your label will be placed precisely where you want it, and its high efficiency, 100 watt, 110 volt motor means you can count on the Hanchen to get your lot out each and every time. The Over-current Protection feature means that you’ll never have to worry about the unit becoming damaged due to a sudden increase in current.

  • Over-current protection feature
  • Made from durable aluminum alloy
  • High efficiency, 100 Watt, 110 Volt motor
  • Can label round vessels from 15 to 120 mm in diameter
  • Needs to be assembled
The Bottom Line - Dependable and Well-Made

The Hanchen Round Bottle Labeling Machine C-306 is a great choice for the homebrewer who bottles instead of kegs their beer. This unit comes with some nice features, including an over-current protection feature, a hard working, 100 Watt, 110 Volt motor and can label round plastic or glass bottles with a diameter of 15 to 120mm. If you are looking for an affordable machine which ensures that your labels will end up where you wish them to, then the Hanchen will work out quite well for your needs.


ZL5 Label Applicator Machine Bottle Labeler

ZL5 Label Applicator Machine Bottle LabelerHandles a Variety of Bottle Shapes

While many label application machines are made specifically for round or flat surfaces, the ZL Label Applicator Machine can easily handle bottle shapes which are round, oval, square as well as boxes, bags, DVD and CD cases. The unit fits label rolls up to 5 inches wide and 8 inches in diameter. The ZL5 comes with a Laser Indexing Module which ensures that your labels will applied in the perfect position no matter what the container shape. This is a great choice for the small business owner who requires a labeling machine which can handle square, oval, round and hexagonal shaped bottles, containers, boxes and pouches.

Made in the USA

Zap Labeler manufacturers this machine in the USA, and guarantees it for parts and labor for one year, with a full refund within 30 days. This versatile labeling machine is just perfect for the home, craft brewer who is bottling their beer and designing their own bags and packaging materials. At 16 x 8 x 6 inches and weighing only 7 pounds, the Zap Labeler ZL5 is the perfect solution.

  • Can label square, oval, round and hexagonal shaped bottles and containers
  • Laser indexing module ensures that your label placement will be perfect each and every time
  • Fits label rolls up to 5 inches wide by 8 inches in diameter
  • Lightweight at 7 pounds, compact and can fit on most counters
  • The Zap Labeler will take some adjustment
The Bottom Line - Versatile and Dependable

The Zap ZL5 Labeler is the perfect solution for those seeking a label applicator machine which can work on a variety of packaging from round, oval, hexagonal, square, shaped bottles and containers. This unit is small and compact, weighing only 7 pounds, so is easy to fit on most counter tops, desks or work tables. An excellent choice for the homebrewer who requires a labeling machine which can handle a variety of containers and packaging shapes.


Take-A-Label Applicator

Take-A-Label ApplicatorDurable, Powder Coated Steel Frame for Both Full and Partial Wraps

The TAL-1100MR is a manual label applicator to be used for round bottles, and manufactured with a durable, powder coated, steel frame. Designed to be easy to use, it’s perfect for those who need a quick method of applying labels to round bottles, and works for partial and full wraps. Easy to adjust, this model requires no extra tools to go from bottle size to bottle size.

Adjustable Unwind Tension and Waste Rewind Spindle

This machine easily handles labels up to 5 inches wide, and can fit bottles from 1 to 5 inches in diameter. The TAL-1100MR has an adjustable unwind tension, a waste rewind spindle which collects the backing papers. Easy to set up and use, all you need to do is put your labels in the carriage of the machine, thread them through and adjust the TAL-1100MR to suit the bottle or jar you with to use, and turn the handle. Comes with a DVD to assist you in set up and use. Unit Dimensions: 20”L x 9.5”W x 11”H and weight 15 pounds.

  • Super easy to set up and use
  • Fit the bottles in the carriage and simply turn the handle
  • Easy to adjust by hand with no extra tools required
  • Works for full or partial wraps
  • It will require you to make adjustments to apply your label
The Bottom Line - Fast and Easy to Use

The Take-A-Label Applicator is a great machine for many new to labeling their own brews. Very easy to set up and use, you simply thread the labels, insert the bottle into the carriage and turn the handle. Adjustments can be made by hand, without resorting to using tools, and it’s good for both full and partial wraps.


MopHorn Bottle Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine

MopHorn Bottle Labeling MachineStainless Steel Construction Powered by a 120 Watt, 110 Volt Motor

The stainless steel Mophorn bottle labeling machine, MT-50 is designed specifically for round bottle label application. This adjustable label applicator machine can handle round bottles from 12 to 90mm in diameter. Powered by a 110 volt, 120 watt motor, and constructed from durable stainless steel it can handle a label roll with an external diameter of 250mm, and inner diameter of 76mm.

Used for Home and Light Industrial Packaging

The Mophorn is a semi-automatic unit which can be used for light industrial packaging as well as home businesses such as craft breweries which require an easy to use, reliable labeling machine. By using the Mophorn, MT-50 labeling machine you’ll eliminate unsightly creases and air bubbles. This unit can be used on glass, plastic, metal and PET bottles. Easy to use, you simply orientate your bottle manually, secure it and proceed to apply the labels.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Can label round glass, plastic, metal and PET bottles
  • No unsightly creases or bubbling
  • Adjustable to fit bottles from 12 to 90mm in diameter
  • Needs assembly, a more informative print manual would be appreciated
The Bottom Line - For Professional Results

The Mophorn MT-50 is a reliable, semi-automatic label application unit that can label bottles from 12 to 90 mm in diameter. Made from stainless steel, this applicator can label plastic, metal, glass and PET bottles with ease. By using the MT-50 you’ll also be eliminating the unsightly creases and air bubbles that are sadly common during most label application procedures, thus giving your bottles a professional and neat appearance.


Recommended Alternatives

Giara Flip-top Chalkboard label bottlesGiara Flip top Chalkboard Labeled Bottles
These elegantly designed, chip resistant Giara bottles are the perfect solution for someone who wishes to label their brews in a professional manner, without investing in a labeling machine. Each of these dishwasher safe bottles are able to hold 33.75 ounces, and can be used for kombucha, wine, oils and of course, beer. These reusable, BPA free bottles come with swing stoppers that function to seal in freshness, and 6 reusable chalkboard labels. For many home brewers, using the Giara glass bottles is a convenient way to bottle and label their brews without purchasing bottle caps, a bottle capper, labels and a labeling machine.

  • Beautifully designed, BPA free 33.75 ounce glass bottles
  • Chip resistant
  • Each bottle has a chalkboard label
  • The swing stopper seals in freshness
  • If you scrub the labels too hard they’ll peel off

Adjustable Wizard Bottle Label Applicator
Not everyone wishes to purchase a labeling machine, and if this is you then the Adjustable Wizard Bottle Labeler is perfect. Made right here in the USA, this lightweight, handy little gadget is an easy way to manually position your bottle and apply your labels. This applicator ensures that your labels will be properly positioned, even and have a uniform, finished and professional look. The adjustable ‘shelf’ means you have 4 positions from which to choose and can label containers from 1 inch to 3-1/4 inches in diameter. This is basically for home use only, takes up little space and no assembly. However, know that it cannot handle label rolls, just flat adhesive labels such as chalkboard labels.

  • No assembly required
  • Manual labels are applied precisely and accurately
  • Affordable, lightweight and very easy to use
  • Made in the USA from high quality wood
  • Due to its design, it cannot hold label rolls

The Adjustable Wizard Label Applicator is a nice little addition to your home brewery. No assembly required, you simply place your bottle on its ‘shelf’ where you have 4 positions to choose from, and start labeling. The downside is that it cannot handle label rolls, so you’ll have to do this using only flat, sheet adhesive labels. Lightweight and easy to handle, the best solution for a small home brewer who just needs to label a few batches.

Are the prices of these label makers breaking the bank a bit? You’ll want to make sure to to checkout our list of entry level options labeling options.


Criteria Used in This Review

When searching for the best label applicators to place in our review, we looked for those that gave you a finished product, one where the label was free from creases, air bubbles and had accurate placement. After all, first impressions are paramount when it comes to those looking to taste your beer, and if the labels are applied in a sloppy manner, creased, ripped and torn, we can guarantee that will play a part in how your brew is perceived by your taster.

There’s also the concept of manual label applicators or semi-automatic label applicators. As everyone will have their own preferences, it’s important that we present you with a representation of each. If you’re aspirations are to label hundreds of bottles a day or week, then of course the semi-automatic unit will be the more prudent choice. However, if you are operating a small home brewery for yourself and a few friends, then by all means invest in a manual unit.

Finally, we were sure to include models which not only handled round bottles, but those that took care of square, oval, hexagonal bottles as well as pouches, and so on. Such machines that offer you the ability to label a wider variety of shapes and containers can assist the home brewer who may see growth in their microbrewery, and may wish to turn it into a thriving craft beer business, and market their brew in different styled bottles.

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