Beer Alcohol Content, Calories, Carbs & Ratings


Did you know that there are over 80,000 different kinds of beer?!

Yes, yes – It’s a pretty awesome world we live in, I agree. But with so many options on the market, I feel it’s important for me to remind you that no site in the world will ever be able to keep up with every possible beer / brand and all of their nutritional information. That said – the general formula for a healtheir beer looks something like:

Light Beer + Low ABV = fewest calories & carbs

It’s an unfortunate truth if you are counting calories, but the fact of the matter is that (like most things that taste awesome) the better the beer, the more calories and carbs it’s going to pack. I feel that I should also mention quantity quickly. Yes a Miller lite only contains some 96 calories, But you know what? I would have to drink like 4 of those guys to equal one really good beer! Just something to keep in mind as you make your way through the following information.



The Most Popular Beers In America

I’ve compiled more than 100 of the most popular beers in America and their respective nutritional information, beer alcohol content & Ratings. These are the kinds of beer you can expect to find in nearly any Grocery / Liquor store. The most popular beers in America list was determined purely by volume of sales ( not highest BA rating! ). If you noticed any of your favorite brews missing from this list – don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll make sure to add them to the list straight away.


  • BA Score = The Rating for the beer. If the beer wasn’t listed,’s score was substituted.
BeerBrewery / BrandAlcohol % (ABV)CaloriesCarbs (g)BA Score
1554 Enlightened Black AleNew Belgium Brewing5.6%2052586
#9Magic Hat Brewing Co.5.10%1461377
Alaskan AmberAlaskan Brewing Co.5.3%1802082
Alaskan ESBAlaskan Brewing Co.5.00%15086
Alaskan Pale AleAlaskan Brewing Co.4.6%15981
Alaskan Smoked PorterAlaskan Brewing Co.6.50%19593
Alaskan StoutAlaskan Brewing Co.5.7%17184
Alaskan Winter AleAlaskan Brewing Co.6.40%19283
Amber AleBell's5.8%19015.786
Amstel LightAmstel Light3.5%95558
Apple Ginger Hard CiderAngry Orchard5%1902644
Beck's PilsnerBeck's5.00%1431065
Beck's Premier Light BeerBeck's2.3%643.955
Black & TanYuengling4.7%1501474
Blue Light BeerLabatt4.00%111854
Blue Moon Belgian WhiteBlue Moon Brewing Company5.4%1711378
Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin AleBlue Moon Brewing Company5.7%1801572
Blue Moon Mountain Abbey AleBlue Moon Brewing Company5.6%16875
Blue Moon Summer Honey WheatBlue Moon Brewing Company5.2%1641371
Blue Moon Valencia Grove AmberBlue Moon Brewing Company5.9%71
Blue RibbonPabst4.74%14412.868
Blue Ribbon LightPabst4.19%1138.362
Bridge BurnerLakefront Brewery8.5%25586
Bud IceBudweiser5.5%1488.947
Bud Ice LightBudweiser4.1%1106.545
Bud LightBudweiser4.2%1106.647
Busch IceAnheuser-Busch5.9%1731346
Busch LightAnheuser-Busch4.1%953.246
Cherry WheatSam Adams5.3%1651772
Cinnful Apple Hard CiderAngry Orchard5%2002939
Coors Extra GoldCoors5.0%14710.760
Coors LightCoors4.2%1025.050
Coors NACoors<0.5%7314.2n/a
Coors OriginalCoors5.0%14811.361
Corona ExtraCorona4.6%1481356
Corona LightCorona4.5%109548
Crisp Apple Hard CiderAngry Orchard5.00%2103047
Dark BeerBeck's4.8%1461170
Dark Brewed PorterYuengling4.5%1501477
Dos Equis Amber LagerDos Equis4.7%14611.672
Elder BettyMagic Hat Brewing Co.5.50%1651376
Elderflower Hard CiderAngry Orchard5%1702041
Extended PlayLakefront Brewery4.2%12685
Fat Tire Amber AleNew Belgium Brewing5.2%15513.781
Fixed GearLakefront Brewery6.8%19584
FostersFoster's Group Limited5.00%1561160
Genuine Draft 64Miller3.00%642.443
Genuine Draft BeerMiller4.66%14313.155
Harvest Pumpkin AleSam Adams5.7%1991979
HefeweizenSam Adams5.4%1801773
Heineken Premium LightHeineken3.2%966.856
High Life BeerMiller4.6%14313.163
High Life Light BeerMiller4.5%110754
Honeycrisp Apple WheatShock Top5.2%1671572
HowlMagic Hat Brewing Co.4.6%1651483
Labatt BlueLabatt5.00%153563
Lagunitas IPALagunitas6.2%1801387
Lakefront IPALakefront Brewery6.9%195889
Latitude 48 IPASam Adams6.0%2061281
Lemon Berry Shandyleinenkugel4.2%1263270
Lemon ShandyShock Top4.2%126366
Light BeerYuengling3.5%986.665
Light BeerSam Adams4.00%1199.675
Light LagerYuengling3.2%998.566
Lite BeerMiller4.17%963.259
MGD 64 LemonadeMiller2.8%642.449
Michelob UltraAnheuser-Busch4.2%952.646
Mothership WitNew Belgium Brewing4.8%1551382
Natural LightAnheuser-Busch4.2%953.243
New Castle Brown AleThe Caledonian Brewery Co.4.7%1411376
O'Doul's NA BeerO'Doul's.5%651350
Oberon AleBell's5.8%1701486
OctoberfestSam Adams5.3%19018.783
Pumpkin WheatShock Top5.2%1681571
Ranger IPANew Belgium Brewing6.5%1851885
Red StripeDesnoes & Geddes Limited4.7%1531469
Redd's Apple AleMiller Brewing Co.5.00%1651763
Riverwest SteinLakefront Brewery5.68%18086
Ruination IPAStone Brewing8.2%435996
Sam Adams Boston LagerSam Adams4.8%1601884
Shock Top Belgian WhiteShock Top5.2%1681569
Sierra Nevada BigfootSierra Nevada9.9%33030.393
Sierra Nevada CelebrationSierra Nevada6.6%21419.493
Sierra Nevada Pale AleSierra Nevada5.7%17114.190
Sierra Nevada PorterSierra Nevada5.7%19418.488
Sierra Nevada StoutSierra Nevada6.4%22522.391
Sierra Nevada SumerfestSierra Nevada4.9%15813.783
Sierra Nevada WheatSierra Nevada4.7%15313.180
Snow DayNew Belgium Brewing6.2%19014.283
Spotted CowNew Glarus4.8%1501384
St. Pauli Girl LagerSt. Pauli Brauerei4.9%1488.767
Stella Artois LagerStell Artois5.00%1546.371
Summer AleSam Adams5.3%1661476
Summer Shandyleinenkugel4.2%1301272
Sunset Wheatleinenkugel4.9%1651677
Traditional Dry Hard CiderAngry Orchard5.5%1902237
Trippel AleNew Belgium Brewing7.8%2152086
Tsing TaoTsingTao Brewery Co.4.8%65
Two Hearted AleBell's7.0%202595
White AleSam Adams5.2%1759.879
XX LagerDos Equis4.3%130964
Yuengling Traditional LagerYuengling3.6%968.578

**I’ve made every possible effort to make sure that this list is as accurate as possible, sourcing numerous reputable sites for nutritional information. That said, If you find any discrepancies with the above information – Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Top 10 Lowest Calorie Beers

In the world of beer: Calories = flavor. Sorry!

But if you are looking to shed a few pounds & still enjoy a cold brew with friends on nights out. Here are some of your best options…

1Genuine DraftMiller64
2Amstel LightAmstel95
3Busch LightAnheuser-Busch95
4Michelob UltraAnheuser-Busch95
5Natural LightAnheuser-Busch95
6Yuengling Traditional LagerYuengling96
7Miller LiteMiller96
8Heineken Premium LightHeineken96
9Corona LightCorona109
10Bud LightBudweiser110


Top 10 Lowest Carb Beers

If you are watching Carbs – This list is your new best drinking buddy!

1Genuine DraftMiller2.4
2MGD 64 LemonadeMiller2.4
3Michelob UltraAnheuser-Busch2.6
4Lemon ShandyShock Top3
5Busch LightAnheuser-Busch3.2
6Miller LiteMiller3.2
7Natural LiteMiller3.2
8Beck's Light BeerBeck's3.9
9Coors LightCoors5
10Two Hearted AleBell's17



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