RyanHello, My name is Ryan and I am addicted to craft beer.

Back when I was *ahem* 21 and started drinking, I didn’t know what a good beer was – to be honest I didn’t really care much either. It wasn’t about the beer back then, it was about having a good time, with good friends.

While I still find that sentiment to be true today, I’d much rather be enjoying a good beer with good company these days. Once I graduated from college and finally started to make some decent money, I quickly realized that there are some really amazing beers I completely missed out on during my “shoe-string” budget school days.

Thus began my love affair with craft beer.

I’ve since become obsessed with trying new beers. IPA’s, dubbels, trippels, red ales, experimental beers – I was on a personal mission to find the best damn beer in the world .

After exhausting my towns local supply of unique beer, I found that I could never quite find what I had envisioned as the perfect beer. Don’t get me wrong, I found some reallly great beers along the way – but what I finally came to the realize is that If I wanted to find the perfect beer for me, I’d have to be the guy brewing it.

Now my attention has turned from finding the best beer ever made – to being the guy who makes that beer.

I created STTP for beer lovers. For HomeBrewers. And for Community.

I want STTP to be the ultimate resource for anyone new to hombrewing, for brewers to come together and share tips and recipes, and so much more. And as serious as I am about making that mission statement a reality – I promise you, we’ll have a alot of fun along the way.

What else can I say…

To good friends & Good beer.


Straight 2 The Pint